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Smartphones are the most vulnerable of the devices present for use today. With recent cases around BYOD, app security breaches, unencrypted emails, etc, it is extremely important to not only safeguard the apps and use only secured apps, but also keep a check on the smartphone and its functioning.

Cyber Security is a fear which was brought out in the Mobile World Congress 2015, which took place in Barcelona. Various brands of smartphones were discussed and in the due course it was found out that the fear is widespread throughout the industry and over 16 million devices are affected by malware. This number is increasing thoroughly, one of the reasons being the lack of security and usage of vulnerable apps.

Mobile Security Malware

Social networking sites and their apps have become a way to malign the smartphones. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ have brought in a lot of mobile security issues in the eyes of the users as well as the media. If you thought mobile banking and purchases would have issues and not otherwise, then you are wrong. Smartphones today are being shipped with malware installed to extract data and information about your usage. Scary, right?

At the MWC in Barcelona, numerous people from around the world showed attendance and also the concern for mobile security. A new suggestion was around how it is not advisable for travelers to use their smartphones and sim card for transactions and email purposes when they are at a different location! Experts are now advising travelers to take an extra phone and a local sim card in order to be safe from the unencrypted emails which they may send while they are traveling. It is also suggested to keep unsecured communications to the minimum. If these suggestions are taken care of, you don’t have to be too worried about your data when you do connect to a public wifi or leave your phone unattended.

Mobile security is an emergency that needs to be attended. It is important for developers, software companies, social networking site and banks to be careful while they are dealing with customer information and data.

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