5 Must Watch Movies on Hacking

Almost everyone likes to watch movies to have some entertainment amidst their bustling lifestyles. But, there are some who watch movies to get inspired. Here we bring to you a list of top 5 must watch movies on hacking or hackers’ life. These movies are of great interest for hackers as well as for the security people to get inspired and thrilled. These movies might not teach you how to hack but, are still fun to watch!

1. Hackers (1995)

The Hackers movie is a complete series of movie on hackers namely, Hackers1, Hackers2 and so on. This movie basically runs around the plot of a cyber war between Acid Burn played by Angelina Jolie and Zero Cool played by Jonny Lee Miller. The villain in the movie took a rather funny approach that might not be a serious hacker tuff but, it is a movie worth watching. The movie brings to you hackers that have been using their social engineering skills to retrieve critical details related to hardware.

2. The Net (1995)

This is another movie from the year 1995. It is about an identity theft case and thus, attracts many hacking lovers. The protagonist of the movie, Angela is a computer geek who is shown living an extremely low profile life. The movie portrays her struggle of getting her online identity back and shows how can someone wipe off your complete identity and create an entire new one and how to get it back.

3. The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix is the first one from the Matrix trilogy. You can watch all three since the movie remains unfinished until you complete watching both of its sequels! The movie is about Neo, who is a computer hacker himself. As the movie proceeds, Neo identifies his true reality and the role he has to play in the war against the controllers. Some mysterious rebels help Neo identify the real him.

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4. The Score (2001)

The Score has a clever story plot. A career thief Nick Wells played by Robert De Niro plans to mastermind a nearly impossible theft. He takes help of a clever young assistant, Edward Norton a socially awkward hacker who lives in his mother's basement. It is a great story about 10 minutes of good hacking and the remaining 100 minutes of phenomenal robbery.

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5. Untraceable (2008)

Untraceable belongs to the list of suspense thrillers that lets you go through some real creepy moments as well. The movie is about an FBI agent, Marsh who needs to stop a serial killer from committing more crimes. The serial killer slaughters victim after victim and thus, the movie has some brutal acts and violence which the killer then broadcasts live on the Internet. It is indeed a disturbing yet engaging cat and mouse thriller that any thrill lover would like to watch. If you are the one who gets scared easily, don’t watch alone!

Watch these all-time favourite movies on hacking and share your views. Also, let us know if any of your favourite hacking movies is missing our list!

Published on Apr 23, 2015
Subho Halder
Written by Subho Halder
Subho Halder is the CISO and Co-Founder of Appknox. He started his career researching Mobile Security. Currently, he helps businesses to detect and fix security vulnerabilities. He has also detected critical loopholes in companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and others


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