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Have you ever considered working at a startup? My internship at Appknox taught me several things about startups. Here are some reasons why startups are the best places to learn.

1. Startups provide a dollop of opportunities to develop your skills

The incentive of working at a startup is not money. It is a chance to develop your skills and understand core functionalities.  Startups don't convince you to change, on the contrary, they try and incorporate a change in features to obtain maximum value. It gives you an opportunity to shoulder more responsibility. It is the best opportunity to learn, explore and work on your areas of interest.

I got the chance to work on Market research and formulate market entry strategy while working on web content, reports and infographics at Appknox. I got to explore an array of areas in marketing.

2. Recognition for your work

There is no better satisfaction than getting deserved credit for your work. If you want to be noticed for your work and ensure absolute growth, startups are the place to be. It gives you a reason to work more hard and get desirable results. The working atmosphere airs freedom and keeps you focused.

You know your work is important only when it receives appreciation. I was continuously encouraged to write better content. Although I was merely an intern, I received credit for all blog posts and infographics. This motivation made me write better, and I always tried to put in my best efforts in my work.

3. A chance to learn from innovators

This is the only place where you can directly interact with the co-founders and key management on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs hold a bounty of innovation and knowledge. Interacting with them helps you think outside the box. It provides an abundance of learning opportunities.

Discussions with the co-founders on the story of Appknox, how it came to be what it is now was enthralling. It gave me a bigger picture of everything. Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of blood sweat and tears. But in the end, it is all worth it.

4. Work as a team

You have to be a team player if you work at a startup. You can explore a lot of new exciting areas. You may technically have a job title, but your everyday activities can vary depending on the situation. This gives you an opportunity to learn and build new skills. Team discussions provide ideal solutions to issues and help in generating new ideas.

The scrum meetings at Appknox brought the entire team together. We discuss our work and what we intend to do. This helped everyone understand each other better. This was an excellent method of generating feedback and designing solutions.

5. Enhance creativity

Startups help in drawing out your creative edge. Startups let you be you. It gives you a chance to explore and identify your strengths and enhance them. Creativity is a precious resource for startups as it generates visibility and increases customer base.

I got a chance to create infographics and think of catchy titles for our blog content. It was very thought provoking and helped me enhance my creativity.

This is a few of the many things I learnt at Appknox. Thanks for adding a new dimension to my personality. It has been an incredible learning experience for me.


Published on Aug 13, 2015
Written by Kavitha Ramamurthy


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