Appknox CTO at BHive talk!

11th March, 2015: Subho Halder, Co-founder & CTO at Appknox conducted an interactive session on “Mastering the Art of Quality Assurance in Mobile Apps” held at BHive Co-working space in Bangalore. He was also joined by Ansu Jain, Mobile Lead at Kuliza who shared his insights too. This session brought out certain critical issues and basic flaws which developers ignore and which cause security breaches to their applications in later phases.

The session started off with a basic question asked by Subho which was around the language used by the Android app developers. Most developers are unaware about the fact that a Java program has just one entry point while a mobile application can have multiple entry points thus making it much more vulnerable to attacks.

The session by Subho Halder focused on three primary testing objectives:

a) Functional Testing, which checks and determines the functionality based on customer needs

b) Performance Testing, determines the immunity level of the apps

c) Security Testing, which is one of the most crucial tests but often ignored

Why security testing is the most crucial and utmost important form of testing is a question we often ask ourselves as developers. Security testing brings out flaws which the developers might not have been aware about but which has the ability to cause huge damage. Personal data, passwords, credit card information leakage are just to name a few. An app might be user friendly, good looking and easy to install and share, but at the end of the day, no one wants to be reported in the media as an app that leaks private data! Media and marketeers play a huge role in bringing out the information of such kind which let people know how secure their information is. At situations like these, the only hope developers can get is from security testing tools. Once the brand image is hacked, there is little scope to restart!

The session was much appreciated by the audience and we must agree that there were some really interesting questions which made the whole session very informative and engaging.

If you attended the session yesterday, it would be great if you can leave us a feedback here. We would love to share more knowledge and learn at the same time. Please subscribe to this blog and also follow us on Twitter to know where we will be speaking next.

Published on Mar 12, 2015
Written by Prateek Panda


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