Breathe New Life Into Your Old AC- tado° Smart AC Control

Today we are going to tell you about another amazing product from the Internet of Things, the tado° smart AC control . This product lists among the Editors choice winners at #IOTAWARDS 2014 that itself guarantees how great this product is. The tado° smart AC control connects your smartphone to your air conditioner. This amazing device can then pre-cool your room before you get home. Also, it helps you save up to 40% of power by turning the AC on and off using your phone’s location and thus, reduces costing too.

Key Features

Tado° cooling is an intelligent AC control that turns any AC unit into a smart device. It breathes new life into your old AC and helps you live comfortably without making any efforts. Some of its key features include:

1. Auto-off
2. Pre-cooling
3. Indoor presence detection
4. Single room control
5. Effortless Saving and Comfort

Let tado° take control and facilitate an effortless living by controlling your AC units automatically using your smartphone. It not only eases your work and provides you more comfort by pre-cooling your room even before you enter but, it also helps in saving up to 40% of power consumption by turning off the AC as soon as you get away from it by using your phone’s location.

How tado° Works?

Tado° controls your AC units via infrared. It works like a remote control by connecting your smartphone via your local WiFi network. With its local awareness feature, tado° auto offs the AC when the last person leaves the room and pre cools the room as you are approaching home by tracing your phone’s location. It supports room to room adaptation inside your home and adjusts the temperature as you move from room to room. It has a humidity sensor that allows you to set a certain humidity level for your home. Tado° will turn on and off the AC several times so as to maintain that humidity level.

The tado° Device

The tado° has the following to make things simpler for you:

Smart Bluetooth: It detects your phone’s location as you move from room to room

WiFi Module: It connects to the internet and your smart phone via local network

LED Matrix: It is an elegant and discreet display that shows relevant information only when you ask for it.

Capacitive Surface: It allows you to control the AC manually.

Temperature Sensor: It allows you to set your own preferred temperature to which it adapts automatically. This ensures that you always get to experience your preferred temperature at home.

Humidity Sensor: It controls your set humidity level even when you are not home.

Infrared Emitter: It controls your AC unit just like a remote control does.

What do you need for using tado°?

Tado° is compatible with in-window; wall mounted split AC units, portable AC units as well as central AC units, if they have a remote. So, basically for using tado° your AC must have a remote. 1,601 backers pledged $204,287 to help bring this project to life.

Get tado° for controlling your AC today and make life simpler. It will effortlessly set the humidity and temperature of your place even before you enter and maintain it throughout the day.

Published on Apr 27, 2015
Written by Prateek Panda


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