The Largest Code Host On The Planet- GitHub

GitHub is a treat for all code junkies especially for all Android code junkies. The good news is that now GitHub has finally come up with their very own Android app. The GitHub Android app offers all their services on the Android platform and even more amazing is the fact that this GitHub Android app has been developed using Open Source projects. Some of these Open Source Projects include Action Bar Sherlock, Android View Pager Indicator, Maven and Syntax Highlighter.

Amazing Features of the GitHub Android App

You can do a lot of things using this GitHub Android app right from your smart phones. The GitHub app features a dashboard that is a quick way to keep a watch and access all the issues that you have created, and watched or that have been assigned. Also, this amazing app allows you to stay connected with the discussion and the progress on your created issues using the dashboard.

The app also allows you to view and bookmark any repository's issue list with configurable filters for labels, milestones and assignees. GitHub android app supports working with all issues through your phone. Along with this the app ensures that you stay up to date and keep getting to know everything about your organizations, friends and repositories through its integrated news feed that is available for your use right behind your smartphone screen.

Code Junkies: The Android App Source Code Github 

In case you wish to see the code for the GitHub android app, the source code for it is available for both viewing and for downloading. This is a point of interest for all code junkies who will find the download option below and can get started with just a click. I am sure you will get to learn a lot by deeply studying the source code for the GitHub app and can utilize this knowledge in your future ventures as a coder and programmer!

The GitHub Android Repository

The GitHub Android repository not only brings to you the source code for the GitHub android app but it also lets you see exactly how the app was built, ask for the addition of any features, report any feature issues and stay up to date with all new developments in the GitHub app.

The App was built on Open Source projects

The GitHub Android app was built on some great open source projects as said previously. Some of these are really worth checking especially if you are looking for building up your own Android apps in the future.

Action Bar Sherlock: It delivers a consistent action bar experience in both the latest and older Android versions.

Android View Page Indicator: It supports any swiping between issues or gist’s.

Maven Android plugin: It is used to build and test the app using Maven.

Syntax Highlighter: It is used for syntax highlighting of Gist’s.

Final Say

GitHub hosts millions of repositories in several languages and a lot of projects are running over it. GitHub calls out leading projects and allows its users to star projects by forking a repository.

The app has been temporarily removed from Google Play, but you can download the app from and get started. This can mark to be a big stepping stone in your career as an app developer, coder or programmer.

Published on Apr 24, 2015
Written by Prateek Panda


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