The WiPy: The Internet of Things Taken to the Next Level

IoT or the Internet of Things is a platform that brings to you the most amazing products of all times. All products from the list of IoT products are known to make your life easier and simpler with their amazing features. This time, I am here to tell you about the WiPy, that is another interesting product from the Internet of Things.

WiPy – IoT Taken to the Next Level

WiPy is the IoT development platform that runs Python in real time. WiPy features the perfect blend of power, friendliness and flexibility to take the IoT development platform to the next level. It allows you to explore, dream and create amazing things with its countless features and possibilities.

The WiPy Software

WiPy comes with dozens of ready to use templates and several most awaited options that have been added to make innovation easier. You can now explore, dream and create almost anything that comes to your mind. The WiPy software features a combination of advanced content importers, different layouts, header styles, post types and more. Also, it allows you to pursue all the freedom and control of doing things your way!

Claim your WiPy Features

Claiming your WiPy has never been easier. You just need to show your support to Kickstarter to get started. WiPy lets you:

  • Use your favorite code editor to write your Python scripts.

  • Deal with verification quickly so that you can make use of the interactive shell for easy and fast debugging. The interactive shell is accessible through telnet or one of the serial ports.

  • Upload your scripts and any other files via the FTP server.

  • Reset the WiPy both locally as well as remotely via Telnet.

Hardware Specifications

  • Dream and create whatever strikes your mind with the top notch hardware specifications of WiPy.

  • 25mmx45mm size

  • Cortex-m4 @ 80MHz (TI CC3200) MCU

  • 802.11b/g/n 16Mbps WiFi

  • 256 Kbytes RAM

  • 2 Mbytes Flash

  • Up to 25 GPIO

  • UART (x2), SPI, I2C, I2S, SD card Interfaces

  • 3x12 bit ADC’s Analog Channels

  • 4x16 bit with PWM and input capture Timers

  • RTC

  • SHA, MD5, DES, AES Hash and encryption engines

  • DMA all over the place

  • Capacity to source up to 250mA 3v3 output

Super Easy to Use

Other than all the amazing hardware specifications, the feature that engages users the most and appears to be the coolest part of WiPy is that they are super easy to use. This is because WiPy has been encrypted with a powerful and intuitive Python API so that you can benefit to the fullest from every feature of the hardware.

WiPy is all about Python and the internet, but taken to the next level. It offers a much better experience than all your previous WiFi boards that you ever used! Enjoy trying out this small, super low power, inexpensive and 100% Python programmable IoT development board today.



Published on Jun 15, 2015
Hardeep Singh
Written by Hardeep Singh
Outreach Manager @appknox. #ProactiveAlways towards Social Media, Startups and Tech Evangelism.


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