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Things We Should Take Care Of While Downloading An App
With smartphones in hand, you must be downloading and using many of the apps in the market. Mobile apps are fun to use and just too convenient to download that you might download them without even thinking once. But, there are some considerations to make before you download an app, such as, how they are paid, what information will the app receive from you and who will get access to your information. It is a matter of your security and privacy.

Most often, you get to some good download sites and click on the Download button to get the app or software that you need. But, all this while things have changed and have become a bit messy. You can never be sure of where will you land after clicking the Download button. It is important to beware of deceptive download links that can be a threat to your security and privacy.

Personal Data Access Permissions by Apps

When you download apps, you give them permission to let them access information on your device. You must be aware of what information the app is asking for, before you download it. Some apps only access data that they need to function and are therefore, safe to download. But, some might access data that is not related to the app’s purpose. Some apps ask for access to your phone and email contacts, call logs, internet data, device’s location, device’s unique IDs, etc. There was this ‘Flashlight’ app that was asking for user’s location. Such personal information can be misused, if reaches the wrong hands. And, you are totally unaware of whom this information reaches. When the apps are retrieving you information, they must be collecting it somewhere too; maybe, at the app store or with the app developer, advertiser or any ad network. This way your data can be shared with others and can cause you trouble.

Malware and Security Concerns

Some hackers have succeeded in creating apps that can infect your smart phones with malicious programs. In case, you find notifications of sending an email or a text that you have actually not written, it may be a sign of a malware. Also, a malware can cause auto installation of other apps. So, in case, you find new apps on your phone that you haven’t installed, it’s a malware attack.
For such situations, it is recommended to have a Security App installed on your smart phones. A security app ensures to notify you about the risk of downloading an app, before you download it. Also, a security app can scan and remove apps that are found to be malicious, thereby, protecting your phones.

Unwanted Programs get Installed on your System

You need to be very careful before clicking any Download button or link. Sites like BrotherSoft, CNET, FreewareFiles and Softonic offer you with installers and downloaders for different software and apps. You get options to download the setup files and apk files for different apps over such platforms. But, before giving you access to the file that you want, they install bundleware and potentially unwanted programs on your system.

The fact is that each of these bundled software, when installed, earns the download site, money. This is what makes these sites degrade your user experience. So, don’t you dare to press the Download Now button blindly.


You need to be very particular about all the major security concerns, before you download any app. Many times an app can ask you for unnecessary permissions. Giving such permissions and moving on with the downloading procedure, can be equivalent to risking your privacy. So, act smart and be very sure of what you are doing, while downloading an app.

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Hardeep Singh

Written by Hardeep Singh

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