2018 Year in Review – Our Top 10 Mobile App Security Blogs

The New Year 2019 is upon us. At Appknox, we look forward to another exciting and eventful year ahead. While we are hopeful that the new year brings awareness and proactiveness towards mobile application security, let's take a look back at 2018 for all the lessons we learnt from the high profile cybersecurity hacks and data breaches. Here's a year in review of our top 10 Mobile App Security blogs of 2018.

Top 10 Mobile App Security Blogs of 2018


1) Top Alarming Cyber Security Statistics of 2017 That You Should Know About

Cyber threats are evolving every day. The year of 2017 was another reminder of how alarming the situation is with respect to our security and privacy. Here's an infographic on the top alarming cyber security statistics of 2017 that will further make it quite evident as to why cyber security is needed now more than ever.

Click here to view the infographic.


2) Appknox M-Commerce Security Report Finds High Level Vulnerabilities in 84% Apps

Appknox and SEWORKS have together published an m-commerce security report showcasing the security trends in the top 50 mobile apps in the shopping category in the US. Our findings show that over 84% of the apps analyzed have more than three high-level vulnerabilities in them.

Link to Download the FREE Report


3) Why Now is a Great Time for a Career in Cybersecurity

Without a doubt, a career in cybersecurity is very bright in today’s circumstances. Anyone who is thinking about this should definitely start thinking more seriously and the ones who are already in it should dig deeper. The statistics are in favor of a bright career in cybersecurity going ahead.

You can read the complete blog here.


4) Why Do Hackers Hack [5 Big Reasons Explained]

One of the questions we keep getting frequently from businesses as well as others is why do hackers hack? What do they get from doing damage? Is it just about money? Or ego?

Get all the right answers in our blog post. Here's the link.


5) 6 Ignored Realities of Cybersecurity in Smart Cities

Cybersecurity in smart cities is one of the biggest, if not ‘the biggest’ challenge for upcoming smart cities in the world. Smart cities must adjust and adapt to the requirements and complexities of the new cybersecurity landscape. Let’s take a look at the new cybersecurity landscape we would all be dealing with.

You can find the complete list here.


6) Appknox Wins a Spot in the Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers of 2018

It’s great news for all of us at Appknox. We are honoured to be part of the Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers of 2018 by Enterprise Security Magazine. The best part is that we are one of the youngest cybersecurity companies to be on this list. Moreover, we are going head to head with the likes of Qualys and Rapid7.


7) Bug Bounty Programs – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Bug bounty programs have gotten quite popular in the last couple of years and are not restricted to the big names in tech anymore. But do you know that there can be something bad or ugly about it? Well, like everything else, there are always two sides. Well, in this case, three actually.

Here's the link to the complete blogpost.


8) How to Ensure Mobile App Security At The Workplace

Without a doubt, mobile devices and the apps that go with them have transformed the way employees do their jobs and also entertain themselves while at work. As employees start to bring their own devices (BYOD) to work and with more companies encouraging that, ensuring mobile app security at the workplace is becoming a nightmare.

Here's how you can ensure mobile app security at the workplace. Read the full article here.


9) The Ultimate Collection of Cybersecurity Resources for 2018

n our continuous efforts to keep businesses and consumers aware and proactive towards the evolving cybersecurity ecosystem, we have curated a list of our best cybersecurity resources that includes the top cybersecurity breaches of this year, industry reports, biggest cybersecurity mergers and acquisitions, billion dollar investment deals, top cybersecurity blogs and influencers to follow and the latest trends and happenings in the cybersecurity world.

Click here to view the complete list of resources.


10) Top 5 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019 To Watch Out For

Every year is challenging in the cybersecurity businesses. Likewise, for all new age businesses and existing incumbents, the end of the year is always a time to review what went right and what went wrong. Nowadays, it’s mostly the latter but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The coming year will see many businesses face tougher security challenges as attackers use more advanced technologies for attacks.

Here are some of the top cybersecurity predictions for 2019.


Published on Dec 29, 2018
Hardeep Singh
Written by Hardeep Singh
Outreach Manager @appknox. #ProactiveAlways towards Social Media, Startups and Tech Evangelism.


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