Top 5 Mobile Trends To Look For In 2015!

Mobile Security is not only a necessity, but also a trend foreseen for 2015. In the era of digital natives, everyone has a device in hand, and all belong to the Internet of Things, truly inspired and made functional by Android. With this development in technology, tech savvy and gadget freak professionals suggest to not fall slave to technology, instead, know it well and make it your friend.

a) Urgency of Mobile Security

With numerous high profile hacks throughout the world, including BMW, Uber, mobile banking apps, Google books and guides and many more, security has become an urgent call which needs to be attended asap, i.e. in 2015. iOS, Android and even the company servers are not in safe space as far as security is concerned. Close to 40% YouTube videos are being viewed by Android devices. Thus security concerns have increased off late. As a part of solution, passwords are being planned to be replaced by biometric system, to secure the device and through it the personal information of the users.

b) Tremendous rise in the number and usage of Android devices

Assumptions are that close to 4.9 billion devices will be brought into use by the end of 2015. As talked above, Internet of Things will speed up, only to bring in many more devices to use. These wearables, watches, health devices, along with millions of tablets, pads, children’s toys and smartphones will be available in abundance this year, and thus their security will be an issue which will be peeped into constantly.

c) Trending Mobile and Social Media Banking

Mobile banking is no more a new phrase today, and with the association of social media into it, it has become much more tech-based and fast in pace of transaction. This year is said to see a boom in the field of social media and mobile banking. With the increasing banking solutions, practicing, developing and adopting technology to prevent loss of data and money involved will be the focus point in the year 2015.

d) Restoring Customer needs

Marketing and understanding consumers, and being able to deliver to them what they need has become possible due to the fast growing world of mobile technology, Market researches, data collection, use of data to find out mass requirement is something which will be trending in 2015. Data misuse, loss, leakage is a greater possibility with these kind of features, resulting in Mobile Security gaining utmost importance into emergency in 2015.

e) Businesses to keep up with technology for profit

Though technology as a need has always been kept at a secondary position, some businesses might lose out on profit only if they don’t switch to mobile applications, sites and mobile technology. With the increasing usage of mobile devices, it is only better for them to keep up with the technology. For larger companies, and firms, BYOD will also be a trend seen in 2015.

With these trends upcoming in 2015, mobile technology, mobile devices, Internet of Things and with that, mobile security will be gaining huge importance under emergency situations. The worry of mobile security remains and thus companies will have to invest time, energy and whole lot of finances to ensure that their company and employees’ data are safe and secured, and are not hacked. Individual users will also have to keep an eye open and consult professionals around data to what extent is good to be shared. Prevention is better than cure, and we must be alert with prevention, not wait for the cure.

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Published on Mar 18, 2015
Written by Prateek Panda


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