How to Build a Secure Organization Keeping Data Privacy in Mind?

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Speakers :
Vijayta Sharma - Associate Director (Phable Care),
Rajkumar Perumal - Technical Director (Comviva),
Raghunath Thiyagarajan - Associate CTO (Vxceed Technologies)
Time : 11:30 AM IST
Date : 31st January 2023
Moderator : Subho Halder, Co-founder & CISO (Appknox)

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Structure of the Panel Discussion

  • Introduction of esteemed panelists and their backgrounds
  • Small Presentation on Why Data Privacy is Important & about Appknox 
  • Moderated discussion and Q&A session
  • Open the floor for questions from the audience
  • Summary of key takeaways & closing remarks


What we will cover:

  • Implementing effective data governance policies
  • Building a culture of security and privacy within your organization
  • Navigating the ever-changing landscape of privacy regulations
  • Best practices for incident response and recovery


Meet our industry experts and learn from them live.

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Vijayta Sharma 

Associate Director (Phable Care)

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Rajkumar Perumal

Technical Director (Comviva)

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Raghunath Thiyagarajan

Associate CTO (Vxceed Technologies)



Subho Halder CISO and Co-Founder of Appknox (Highest rated mobile Security Solution in Gartner and G2Crowd ). Subho will run you through best practices that he has  accumulated from years of experience in Enterprise Security. Subho is well known in the Security industry as a master hacker and creator of AFE (Android framework for Exploitation). He has also  detected critical loopholes in businesses like Google, Facebook  Microsoft, Skype, and  conducted workshops at conferences like BlackHat, Defcon, ToorCon, SysCan, ClubHack, NullCon, OWASP AppSec and  RSA Conference.