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Appknox Application Program Interface(API) Testing

What is APIT ?
API testing can be considered as testing the server side of an application inside out. Our fully automated scanners perform a complete analysis of web servers, database and its implementation for all components on the server that interact with your mobile app
Difference between { SAST - DAST } and API Testing.
SAST & DAST primarily consist of client-side and transport layer testing. However, with API testing we ensure complete testing of the server side with multiple commonly exploited test cases. This scan helps facilitates developers to test API level security vulnerabilities in mobile apps.
The Appknox API Scan runs in parallel to the Dynamic scan. It captures API’s at requested endpoints and performs upwards of 15 test cases on each of those API’s.
How Appknox API Scan works?
To initiate API Scan, all you need is endpoints (domain) of your server. Once you enter that, our scanner attempts to break into your server to discover vulnerabilities. There are 50+ test cases categorized into 9 distinct groups that are continuously tested. Our system analyzes, detects and catches loopholes that are threatening in nature and helps businesses plug and secure them from any attack on the outside. One can enter multiple endpoints and scan at one go.
Mobile application security
Automated Server Side Testing!
Appknox API Testing enables companies to run completely automated security testing at lightning speeds which complete in a matter of minutes. Appknox covers all API’s that are being called thus covering 360’ of Mobile app security.
Get all the security testing needs for your mobile app done on a single platform. Appknox helps you secure your app with a holistic approach using SAST, DAST, APIT, and MAST.
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