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Upload binary of Android or iOS App to our dashboard

Automated Static Application Security Testing

Simplified SAST for Mobile App Security

  • Identify vulnerabilities susceptible to attack
  • Avoid unpredictable threats when you enter the market
  • DevOps to DevSecOps, with no added extra-time
Test Cases

Test Cases for Android & iOS

Reduced SDLC

For a robust static scan

SAST Testing with Appknox works wonders.
Here’s why.

Dashboard to Get You Information at a Glance

Once inside Appknox, all your apps appear in a single dashboard. Take a quick glance to understand the level of vulnerabilities and scans that are done/pending.


  • Upload binary of Android or iOS app in seconds
  • Let the automated Static Scan run
  • Get real-time feedback on the binary of your mobile app
Dashboard to get you started

Various Test Cases to Bulletproof Your Applications

Appknox is configured with a plethora of test cases needed to pass legally regulated compliance tests.

Easily check the status of the test case against the scans within the assessment report.


  • Different test cases for Android and iOS
  • Know the level of impact for each test case
  • Customise the impact indicators as per business needs
Bulletproof your applications with all the test cases(1)

Vulnerability Details, aka Deeper Insights for You

Our fully automated system scans your app for basic configuration issues.

Once the report is generated, you get deeper insights into the vulnerabilities, how it impacts your business and their compliance with regulatory frameworks. 


  • Know associated business implications
  • Know the violated requirement of a compliance
  • Quick & easy access to locate specific code(s)
Everything you need to know about the vulnerabilities(1)

Exportable Report to Help You Identify and Remediate

Our in-depth evaluation report is designed to give you a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

The report is password-protected for your security and contains a summary of our findings.


  • Get the password-protected report with one-click
  • Easily comprehend the tabulated audit summary
  • Plan the fixes with compliant solutions
Identify, Fix and Remediate(1)

One-stop Solution for Different Requirements

It doesn't matter what stage of development you are at and when you choose to test for vulnerabilities. We've got you covered either way — simply upload any binary code, AAB, APK, IPA, and let us run the scans in record time. 


  • Upload binary code at any stage of development
  • Supports APK, AAB, as well as IPA
  • Dedicated chat support for any other help
Upload any Source Code, APK, IPA for SAST(1)

Hear from customers who stay
secure with Appknox  SAST

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Taryar W
Senior Security Researcher

Appknox gives us quick, step-by-step framework to resolve vulnerabilities. We've been effectively managing the security assessment of our entire mobile app ecosystem regardless of number of apps we ship, it takes us as little as 45 minutes.

By Singapore airlines

singapore-airlines 1(1)
Rectangle 5671(3)(1)
Piyush R
Co-Founder and CTO

The offering itself is great and has helped us keep our apps secure, static, dynamic, API, all in one tool. The ease of use of the service, responsiveness of the Appknox team to our feedback/ suggestions, they are an absolute delight to work with.

By Simplr

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Learn how Appknox
SAST Scan capabilities go beyond

We Tested


Total Apps (both Andriod & iOS)

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Delivering simulated attacks to find vulnerabilities in your app.

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We Tested


Total Apps (both Andriod & iOS)

API Security

Testing to ensure endpoints in your app are secure, correct and reliable.

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See how Appknox can help you with Vulnerability Assessment

See how Appknox can help you with Vulnerability Assessment

Make Application Security a priority before it’s too late. Enable your development team with automated scans by Appknox.


See how Appknox
can help you with Vulnerability Assessment

Make Application Security a priority before it’s too late. Enable your
development team with automated SAST scans by Appknox.