How Appknox stood out at Gartner® Security & Risk Management Summit 2024

"In an era where the scope and meaning of cyber hygiene are constantly shifting, we’ve not only gained insights into the latest security challenges faced by organizations but have also solidified Appknox’s commitment to pioneering innovative solutions in the ever-changing landscape of mobile application testing.”

- Harshit Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder of Appknox

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Appknox showcased its commitment to redefining mobile application security testing at the recently concluded Gartner® Security & Risk Management Summit 2024, which was held in Dubai (February 12-13, 2024) and Mumbai (February 25-26, 2024).

These summits drew an elite community of security professionals and industry leaders. Appknox was a silver exhibitor, presenting its flagship mobile application security solution for the event's leading CISOs and cybersecurity executives. Its positioning as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to safeguard their mobile applications has been winning accolades worldwide, with 500+ businesses adopting Appknox as their automated VAPT solution.

Appknox offers a comprehensive suite of tools that empowers developers, security researchers, and CISOs to build safe and secure mobile ecosystems. Its unique approach combines automated and manual penetration testing (VAPT) to ensure a thorough vulnerability assessment.

What makes Gartner a must-attend event of the year for CISOs?

For a CISO or a cybersecurity leader, the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit is a must-attend event of the year. This event is the perfect opportunity to 

  • Connect with peers facing similar challenges, 
  • Learn the best practices from industry experts, and
  • Explore new technologies.

How Appknox led the conversation on app security at the summit

Being a silver exhibitor at this year’s event, Appknox, India's leading mobile app security platform with 300+ satisfied clients, got the opportunity to demonstrate its mobile-first security solution to the CISOs and cybersecurity executives at the event.

The summit was led by Harshit Agarwal, the CEO, Subho Halder, the co-founder, and other senior cybersecurity experts. They delved into crucial topics related to the ever-evolving mobile threat landscape, shedding light on emerging attack vectors that CISOs and cybersecurity executives must know to manage risk effectively.

In addition to exhibiting on the show floor, Appknox also conducted a session led by Subho on AppSec in the AI era to talk about the impact of AI on mobile applications, where he highlighted AI's potential to mitigate risks, strengthen security, and contribute to business success.

Appknox’s presence at Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summits in Dubai on 12-13 February 2024 and Mumbai on 26-27 February 2024 helped us to raise awareness about the importance of automated mobile app security and the potentiality of AI in AppSec among leading CISOs. 

At the Gartner® Security and Risk Management Summit, Appknox 

  • Built new relationships and strengthened existing partnerships with security leaders looking to adopt cutting-edge solutions to combat mobile security threats
  • Exchanged AppSec trends with CISOs, security leaders, and risk executives
  • Collected impartial feedback on the current needs in AppSec to accommodate them in the product and
  • Assisted application and technology custodians with an avenue to improve their security workflows.

Overall, the summit was an excellent platform that underscored Appknox’s leadership in the mobile app security space.

How can Appknox’s presence at the event benefit you as a CISO?

As a CISO, you must be aware of the latest threats targeting your organization's mobile apps. Appknox offers a suite of solutions to help you identify vulnerabilities, comply with regulations, and protect your apps.

Appknox offers a suite of solutions to address your needs:

  • Generates Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for comprehensive visibility into app components.
  • Appnox provides comprehensive testing, including SAST, DAST, malware analysis, and RASP for Android and iOS apps.
  • Integration with DevSecOps tools like Jenkins, Github, Bitrise, etc, for automated security testing.
  • Runs real-time store monitoring to identify unauthorized app versions and potential threats.
  • Provides customizable dashboards that provide insights into app security posture and risk exposure.
  • Our team includes mobile security experts who provide consultation on your mobile app security program and compliance with standards like PCI DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA.

With Appknox, CISOs gain visibility and control over mobile apps to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and defend against the latest threats. Our platform is designed for security teams to integrate seamlessly into your process and give you the insights you need to secure your mobile apps.

How is Appknox making a difference in the AppSec industry?

Appknox has recently achieved several milestones in mobile app security, demonstrating our leadership and commitment. Our recognition as the Voice of the Customer highlights our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and the consistent delivery of robust, developer-centric security solutions. 

Additionally, Appknox was recognized as a noteworthy vendor in DevSecOps tools for secure software delivery earlier this year. 

Appknox also achieved its third consecutive inclusion in Gartner's Hype Cycle for mobile application security testing, further emphasizing its continued relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of application security.

How is Appknox transforming the present AppSec landscape for its clients? | Why should you choose Appknox?

With over 60,000 mobile apps secured and a 98% customer satisfaction rating, Appknox is a proven mobile app security testing and protection solution. Our customers span all major industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and technology.

Appknox’s popularity has made us a customer favorite with an overall rating of 4.9/5, helping us set benchmarks in application security testing.

What customers have to say about Appknox?

Customer success story

“One of the best security testing tools out there.”

"We are able to prioritize and handle security vulnerabilities efficiently, thanks to Appknox's comprehensive and actionable detailed reports."

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“Thank you, Appknox, for the amazing vulnerability assessment!”

"Appknox offers a refreshing straightforward yet comprehensive approach to meeting the stringent security and compliance requirement of financial institutions"

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"If you are looking for a credible provider for security testing, we recommend Appknox!"

"Right from the start, the Appknox team was incredible with the onboarding process and provided timely updates."



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In a world where mobile threats loom large, Appknox isn't just a provider; it's a partner. With a commitment to safeguarding global leaders across industries, we're shaping the future of mobile security.

Our platform equips CISOs with the visibility and control needed to mitigate risks swiftly, ensure compliance, and defend against the latest threats.


So, if you're ready to fortify your organization's defenses, Appknox is your answer. Talk to one of our experts today, and let's secure your tomorrow together.




Published on Apr 8, 2024
Abhinav Vasisth
Written by Abhinav Vasisth
Abhinav Vasisth is a certified ethical hacker and the security research lead at Appknox, a mobile security suite that helps enterprises automate mobile security. Abhinav has been a critical member of Appknox for 5 years, reinventing the standards of mobile app security against evolving threats. He is highly regarded in the industry for his expertise, speaks at various security conferences like PHDays, and has collaborated with numerous enterprises to safeguard their digital assets.
When he's not outsmarting hackers, he listens to metal music or is lost in books.


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