Appknox Mobile Security Resources

At Appknox , we are building world class mobile security solutions to help Developers, Security Researchers, Enterprises To build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem using a system plus human approach to outsmart Smartest hackers.


Appknox Mobile Security Resources

At Appknox, we are building world-class mobile security solutions to help Developers, Security Researchers, and Enterprises To build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem using a system plus human approach to outsmart the Smartest hackers.

Third-Party Instagram Apps: Are They Spying on You?

As technology advances, so does cybercrime. Despite attempts to safeguard privacy, cybercriminals constantly devise new ways to steal sensitive information

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Are VPN Apps Safe To Use? Cybersecurity Insights on 50+ Indian Android VPN Apps

The development of new technologies always goes hand-in-hand with an increase in cybercrime. Despite our best efforts, the privacy of users and business information is constantly at risk because hackers are always coming up with new and more clever ways to target sensitive data.

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India's Top 100 Android Mobile Apps Tested for Cybersecurity

79% of the Apps were affected by Network Security Misconfiguration. Download the report to know more.

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Nigeria's Top 50 Android Apps for Shopping Tested for Cybersecurity

Due to e-commerce fraud, businesses across the globe are losing billions of dollars (more than $20 billion in 2021). The threat is even more severe in developing countries like Nigeria, where the online retail industry has experienced tremendous expansion.

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Nigeria's Top 50 Android Apps for Finance Tested for Cybersecurity

With one of the most digitally thriving fintech businesses booming in Nigeria and the volume of critical data at risk, it becomes essential to assess the security performance of some of the most popular and trusted apps there.

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Global E-Commerce Mobile Security Threat Report - 500 Apps

Global E-Commerce Mobile Security Threat Report

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Security Report of Top Mobile banking apps-APAC

Security Analysis of top 100 Banking apps in APAC

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Vulnerability Analysis on Top 50 US Fintech Apps for Android

Our vulnerability analysis report on the top 50 fintech apps for android revealed that 91% of apps failed basic security checks, download report to know more

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ioXt Mobile App Compliance Sample Report

Download Appknox ioXt Compliance Sample Report

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Security Status in Mcommerce

Security Status for M- commerce USA

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How Data Breaches Affect Your Business

Data breaches can be extremely costly, with the average cost in the US being nearly $9.44 million. With hackable information accessible through everyday services, these incidents can cause long-term consequences that go far beyond a moment of fear.

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Business Value

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The mDevSecOps Edge

Drastically reduce your time-to-market by eliminating sudden or recurring threats at the root.


Fast & Swift Mobile VAPT

Get a complete vulnerability assessment  report in less than 90 minutes and push your apps faster to release.


Best-in-class DAST & API Testing

Analyze, detect and catch risky loopholes and plug them before falling prey to network attacks.

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Highest Rated App on Gartner

We rejoice when the Appknox system secures our client’s app against all vulnerabilities.

This is an outstanding product for Mobile security with good feature sets. They helped us with our security audit and the team's support has always been top-notch.

VP & CISO of a leading global finance business with $250 M Revenue

Appknox is very efficient in the testing of security for mobile apps. It is very user-friendly and easy to understand.

Security Analyst in a 30B + USD Enterprise

The fact that Appknox uses real-time devices for DAST & discovers APIs as well is unheard.

Senior Product Manager in a 30B + USD Services Company

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