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Unlimited Mobile App Scans For Everyone

Flexible Cancellation   |   Proactive Support
Save With Yearly Subscription
Appknox Essential Plan
Automated Testing
For Power Users
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Static ScanBasic configuration testing with 75+ Test cases
  • Dynamic ScanTesting your app’s data flow for a deeper analysis
  • API Scan Mobile app component testing on the server side
  • Continuous IntegrationCI lets you detect threats even during development of your app
  • Multiple UsersAdd unlimited users & teams and assign them to projects
  • Chat Support
Appknox Professional Plan
Automated + Manual Assesments
For Deeper Testing
  • Everything in Essential
  • Manual ScanOur security experts manually break down your app to detect threats
  • Remedition CallRequest for a call with our security experts to help you fix threats detected
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Security Researcher
  • Dedicated Call & Chat Support
Appknox Enterprise Plan
Your Demand
Our Command
  • Everything in Essential & Professional
  • Private Cloud
  • Dedicated Device FarmWe’ll build a whole new device farm dedicated solely to your business
  • Request Custom Test Cases
  • Customized Reports Report detailing for all levels of organization. CXO’s, Managers, Security Teams, Developers etc

On Demand Add-ons

Learn more about our add-ons to give your business a competitive security advantage!

Ensure total security for your web application Appknox pricing addons
Web Testing
CERT IN & PCI-DSS Certifications on demand Appknox pricing addons
Ensure proper implementation of both your SDK and its implementation Appknox pricing addons
SDK Testing
Request Demo
For any queries regarding pricing, reach us at - pricing@appknox.com


Appknox Testimonials
Appknox helped us find our security related vulnerabilities. I am fully satisfied and would recommend Appknox.
The Appknox team has a deep understanding of security standards in mobile platforms. They are efficient and responsive in addressing any security problems we have.
The detailed analysis & turnaround time from app submission to report generation is quick which helps us to identify problem in our product and enables us to address it quickly.


What is Appknox and what do we do?
Appknox is a security company with expertise in the mobile domain. We offer a cloud-based mobile security solution that detects threats and vulnerabilities and provides suggestions to fix them. By making apps more secure, we offer peace of mind to brands so that you can concentrate on what you should be doing while leaving your security concerns to us.
Why should you choose Appknox?
Appknox is among the best mobile security solutions available globally. We use a human plus system approach to ensure you get an output that is of great quality. We not only help you find security issues but also continue to work with you to help you fix those issues. There are many more reasons why our customers love us; we’d love to share that with you on a call.
How is the scanning done at Appknox?
Your mobile application goes through a combination of human and system efforts in a three stage process. We perform static, dynamic and behavioral testing on your apps to ensure complete mobile app security
How accurate are Appknox findings?
We assure almost zero false positives. In the rare case that you do come across a false positive and it is acknowledged by Appknox, we'll remove it from your score and report.
How to resolve/fix issues found by Appknox?
At the end of your three stage scan process, you will received a detailed report of your application's security condition. This report explains each threat in detail and also provides examples of compliant and non-compliants code to help you fix them. Moreover, a dedicated security researcher is assigned to you who will help you further to ensure these issues are fixed.
Will Appknox help us make our development agile?
Appknox is a security company with expertise in the mobile domain. We are strong believers of agile development. Hence, we offer Continuous Integration tools that you can use seamlessly with services like Github, Jira, Jenkins, and more. We also offer APIs which you can use to achieve complete mobile security while maintaining an agile model of development.
How confidential is my information with Appknox?
Appknox respects your confidential information and makes sure all your reports are only shared with your company. We go a step ahead by making sure people without the necessary authorization do not get access to your reports, and that includes people within Appknox.
Does Appknox provide refunds on subscriptions?
Appknox does not provide refunds on subscriptions. We are confident you will find a lot of value in our findings. However, if you are unhappy with our services, you can go ahead and cancel your subscription with us at anytime. In case you've subscribed for our annual protection plan, we will reimburse on a pro-rata basis.
What compliance checks does Appknox cover?
To make it clear, Appknox does not provide compliance certifications. But, we do undertake security tests that are part of these compliance checks. Our detailed test cases cover all these requirements so that it becomes easier for you, as a business, to get a compliance certification done. As of now our test cases include checks necessary for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA and ISO 27001.
How will Appknox work within my team to ensure complete mobile security?
Imagine Appknox as a small reliable security team within your team. With Appknox, you get access to a dedicated security researcher as well as account manager. Your account manager ensures you have every need fulfilled and our security researchers work around the clock to ensure you are secured from the eyes of an hacker.