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Test your mobile app on real devices to detect any loopholes in the data flow.
Save your apps from Man in the Middle Attacks (MiTM) with Appknox.
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Get a Complete DAST Scan Tool with Appknox

Our automated DAST tool simulates real-life attacks on your apps to uncover
security flaws and fix vulnerabilities before they turn into threats.
Automated Device Simulation
Mimic real-life interactions on your app with the device simulator feature on the appknox DAST dashboard. Understand the entire information flow — what, when, where and how is it shared, and catch the security loopholes.
Group 132-3
130+ Test Cases Access
Access multiple test cases using our Dynamic Analysis solution to evaluate and pass regulated compliance. For every test case, get detailed reports with remediation guidance and improve your security posture.
Group 132(1)
Dynamic Induced API Testing
Detect and capture all API calls and endpoints used in a dynamic session. With our dynamic induced API testing capabilities, discover as well as mend the vulnerabilities lying therein.


Dynamic Analysis meets CVSS
Reporting with Appknox

Frame 16482(1)
Frame 16482(1)
Frame 16477(1)
Business Impact

Understand how the vulnerabilities impact your day-to-day operations and business.

Group 27153(1)
Vulnerability Severity

Get a detailed analysis of how your vulnerabilities can turn into a threat.

Regulatory and Compliance

Scan and find what vulnerabilities could cause regulatory and legal compliance issues for your business and industry.

Frame 16479(1)
Test Case Coverage

Bulletproof your app when Appknox tests your apps against 130+ test cases and surfaces vulnerabilities.

Frame 16480(1)
Vulnerability Location

Get the exact location of the vulnerability in the code without spending hours scouring your source code.

Group 27164(1)
Integration with Developer Tools

Appknox Dynamic Scan plugs into CI/CD tools to enable DevSecOps and speeds up testing with integration to developer platforms leading to better communication between development and security teams.

Report Summary

Detailed view of Vulnerability
Assessment Report

Get access to comprehensive Vulnerability assessment reports tailored to crucial industry compliances and regulations.

DAST Features that are loved by Appknox customers


  • 120+ test cases to evaluate your compliance levels
  • Type of scan performed in the application
  • CVSS based vulnerability risk scoring 
  • Detailed description of each vulnerability
  • Regulatory compliance to global security standards
  • Risk assessment of the scanned application
  • Non-compliant code example 
  • Compliant solution
  • Related vulnerabilities
Vulnerability Assessment Report

Hear from customers who stay secure with Appknox DAST Scan

Rectangle 5671(1)(1)
Taryar W
Senior Security Researcher

Appknox gives us quick, step-by-step framework to resolve vulnerabilities. We've been effectively managing the security assessment of our entire mobile app ecosystem regardless of number of apps we ship, it takes us as little as 45 minutes.

By Singapore airlines

singapore-airlines 1(1)
Rectangle 5671(3)(1)
Piyush R
Co-Founder and CTO

The offering itself is great and has helped us keep our apps secure, static, dynamic, API, all in one tool. The ease of use of the service, responsiveness of the Appknox team to our feedback/ suggestions, they are an absolute delight to work with.

By Simplr

Group 27065(1)

Learn how Appknox
capabilities go beyond DAST

We Tested


Of Total Mobile Apps (Both Android & iOS)

API Security

Complete server-side testing for all mobile application components.

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We Have Secured


Of Enterprise Apps

Manual Application Security Testing (MAST)

Introduction of ethical hackers to think like hackers and plug loopholes that outsmart the automated system.. 

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See how Appknox can help you with Vulnerability Assessment

See how Appknox can help you with Vulnerability Assessment

Make Mobile Application Security a priority before it’s too late. Enable your development team with automated DAST scans by Appknox.


Make DAST security scan an integral part of your mobile app development process. Minus the headache.