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Avert Security-Induced Revenue and Reputation Losses
Appknox Vulnerability Assessment

Run just a single scan on your mobile app's binary  
to surface all vulnerabilities in under 60 minutes

Vulnerability Details

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Fully automated SAST completed in minutes on your app’s binary to expedite the time-to-market for a secure mobile application.

Vulnerability Details
DAST Vulnerability details

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Evaluate the security of your mobile application in a real device
environment with remote access, with nearly 25% of all VA Test Cases set
aside specifically for the dynamic scan.

API Scan for vulnerabilities

Dynamic Induced API Testing

Secure all the vulnerable endpoints of your mobile app - analyze web servers, databases, and any other components interacting with your server.

API Scan for vulnerabilities
cvss based report

CVSS Based Report

Gain a clear understanding of vulnerabilities, their CVSS score, and how to fix them with remediation notes. Also, this VA assessment with zero false positives is password protected for your safety.

Performing a Vulnerability Assessment
With Appknox is Fast & Simple

Recommended Mobile App Security Software
by The Fortune 500

5 out of 5

Appknox Excels In Mobile Application Security Assessment

Key factors that drove our decision for choosing Appknox were strong user community and customer focus. They also provided strong consulting partnership and product functionality.


Firm Size
3B - 10B USD

4 out of 5

Robust Security
Testing Tool

We are delighted to use Appknox as our mobile application security tool which has uplifted our security assessment and deliver secure application to the world of learning.

Government Sector

Company Size
5,000 - 50,000

5 out of 5

A Solution With Great Features Fitting For IOS, Android Platform

Flexible SaaS solution that allows and easy fast start to ensure proper security on your
mobile Apps.


Firm Size
3B - 10B USD

Our Clients Love Our Work, and Expert Reviews
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