Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment searches systems for known vulnerabilities. It is a list based approach where you test your application against all known vulnerabilities, and if detected, you should fix those immediately.

Vulnerability assessment

How It Works

It is performed on an occasional basis and can be completely automated by using platforms like Appknox SAST, DAST, and APIT. Some of our customers perform vulnerability assessments on their apps as occasional as on a weekly basis, depending on their release cycles.

Steps Post Binary Upload.


Static Analysis is done over the mobile app binary to gather different data. These include the resources and hardcoded strings that are packed into the application binary.

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Dynamic Analysis is done by running the application over real-time
devices, set up in a real environment (device-farm) where the user can interact with the devices rendered though the browser and operating different kinds of data-flow analysis over memory dumps.

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Dynamic Induced API Security Testing

API Analysis is performed on the HTTP requests that the app makes during the dynamic analysis. The API server is tested for common web server vulnerabilities.

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Once you have completed the Vulnerability Assessment, it can be further reviewed by a security researcher for Penetration Testing. Penetration testing is depth-based, often described as a hacker’s approach as well.

At Appknox, we have some of the best industry's brains working behind securing some of the most innovative applications globally.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing attempts to identify insecure business logic, security setting vulnerabilities, or other weaknesses that a threat actor could exploit — transmission of unencrypted passwords, password reuse, etc.

Appknox makes use of the hacker approach to uncover sophisticated security threats that cannot be detected in vulnerability assessment.



Vulnerability Assessment

  • List-based approach to evaluate security for application
  • Detection of possible loopholes that could be exploited
  • Automated process to secure mobile apps
  • Secure your Applications from 0-days
  • A methodological approach to risk management
  • Automated process to secure mobile apps
  • Secures application from internal and external risks
  • Identify security issues occurred at the development phase
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Penetration Testing

  • Depth based approach
  • Helps you to uncover complex security threats that cannot be detected in vulnerability assessment
  • Analyses the risk of the attacks occurred with a risk score
  • Hacker approach to identify security issues
  • Simulates vulnerability further to create a customized attack
  • Final report of the issues
  • Remediation call to help your team how to fix security issues
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