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Industry Overview - Need for Enhanced Security

The government and defense sectors are driving the impressive growth of the global cybersecurity market. With a market share of 21.23%, they are leading the way in an industry that is predicted to reach USD 478.68 Billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual rate of 9.51%.

As the guardians of both classified information and citizens' personal data, the government sector has a critical responsibility to ensure the highest level of security. With the increasing digitalization of government processes, there is a growing threat from cyber-attacks and data breaches. These threats put sensitive information at risk of being stolen, leaked, or misused, which can have serious consequences for both the government and citizens.

What Can Happen if You Neglect
Mobile App Security?


Legal Liability

Government institutions are held to strict standards - any mobile app security breach could result in legal sanctions.


Financial Loss

A breach on a mobile app can lead to the theft of confidential data and money, endangering both the government and public finances.


National Security Risks

An unreliable mobile app is a major national security concern, as compromising confidential information can put our country at a severe disadvantage.


Strategic Adversity

Unauthorised access to sensitive files and personal details through security flaws in mobile apps can be detrimental to both governments and citizens.


Business Disruption

Cyber attacks can disrupt the normal functioning of the BFSI sector, leading to downtime and loss of business.

With Appknox,

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Get a Complete Picture of Your App’s Security - Quick and Effortless.

The Appknox dashboard provides user - friendly and efficient scanning that generates concise reports in little to no time - just a few clicks away!

  • Automated Scan in 60 min
  • Reports with CVSS score in a Few Clicks

Get Solutions Deployed at Your Convenience

Appknox provides businesses with the hassle-free flexibility to choose the best deployment option for their needs. 

  • On-premise
  • Cloud Deployment
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Cover All Grounds for App Security

Adopt a holistic approach to securing your applications by combining the speed of automated solutions with the expertise of highly trained security experts.

  • Automated Solutions
  • Manual Pentesting

How We Transformed Govt Apps Security
Posture with Our Solutions


Data Protection

Ensured the confidentiality of sensitive information and safeguarded against damage to reputation by preventing data breaches and theft.


Improved Confidence

Implementing strong security measures in government-backed mobile applications bolstered the trust and credibility of citizens and other stakeholders.


Lowered Security Risks

The risks associated with cyber attacks, data breaches, and other security incidents were greatly reduced when organizations employed security with Appknox.


Improved Productivity

By creating a secure mobile app environment for its users, employees could focus on their tasks without worrying about potential threats to sensitive information.


Compliance with Regulations

With access to reports and resources, they could adhere to necessary global and local regulatory standards and maintain compliance without fear of penalties or fines.


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“The communication and support from the Appknox team are great. Also, the dynamic API testing is very helpful.”

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