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Appknox's penetration testing tool has neutralized over 100,000 threats, yet nothing beats the human mind. With Appknox, get world-class security researchers who have found vulnerabilities in apps like Facebook, Walmart, Skype, Snapchat, and more. Appknox has a standard penetration test procedure with certification. Try Now!

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Run Manual Penetration Tests In 3 Easy Steps

1. Book Pen Testing

Just a click on your dashboard and our top security researchers will go out of their way to break down your apps and detect threats in a safe environment

Here’s how they usually go about it:

  • Identification of tech stack
  • Analyze threat landscape
  • Set up breakpoints on critical functionalities
  • Test responses and detect bugs
  • Perform exploits for advanced threat detection
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2. Get a Detailed Assessment Report

In 3-5 days, the Appknox application security team will come back to you with a detailed list of vulnerabilities that can potentially cause business threats.

Expect details like:

  • Compliance and regulatory issues
  • Severity of vulnerabilities
  • Business impact
  • Results against 130+ test cases

3. Remediation Steps

Get a detailed walk-through on the vulnerabilities. Implement corrective measures with our security researchers for a successful remediation.


A Quick Guide On Vulnerability Assessment vs Penetration Testing

Assessment (VA)
Testing (PT)
Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Penetration Testing (PT)
Look for known loopholes and surface potential exposure Exploit weaknesses in the architecture of your IT architecture and define the level of threat
Fully automated security assessment Performed by a security researcher
Assess for security with every app update Periodic assessments are recommended
Code is evaluation against test cases Code is manually penetrated to simute hacker behavior
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There’s more to Appknox Penetration Testing Software.


Assesment (VA)


Static Application
Security Testing (SAST)


Dynamic Application
Security Testing (DAST)


API Security Testing

Run your first open-source penetration testing tools today.

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