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Industry Overview - Need for Enhanced Security

As a Fortune Global company, the organization is at the forefront of driving innovation and growth in the industry. With technology playing an increasingly significant role in the way sensitive information is stored, managed, and shared, the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches has become a growing concern.

Investing in security not only protects the organization from financial losses, reputational damage, and regulatory fines, but it also demonstrates a commitment to customers and stakeholders. Ensuring the security of information systems sends a powerful message that the organization is reliable, trustworthy, and responsible.

What Can Happen if You Neglect
Mobile App Security?


Privacy Violations

Hackers may steal private user information, including personal identification information, sensitive details, and confidential information.


Financial Loss

Cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in the system to steal funds, resulting in financial losses for users and the company.


Reputation Damage

A cyberattack on a mobile app by a known enterprise, like a Fortune 500 company, can cause users to lose trust in the brand name, seriously harming the business's reputation.


Legal Liabilities

Fortune Global companies are continuously monitored for compliance with strict industry-specific regulations, and non-compliance can lead to legal penalties and reputational harm.


Operational Chaos

Cyber attacks can disrupt the normal functioning of the mobile app, leading to downtime and loss of business for the company.

With Appknox,

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Get a Complete Picture of Your App’s Security - Quick and Effortless.

The Appknox dashboard provides user - friendly and efficient scanning that generates concise reports in little to no time - just a few clicks away!

  • Automated Scan in 60 min
  • Reports with CVSS score in a Few Clicks

Get Solutions Deployed at Your Convenience

Appknox provides businesses with the hassle-free flexibility to choose the best deployment option for their needs. 

  • On-premise
  • Cloud Deployment
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Cover All Grounds for App Security

Adopt a holistic approach to securing your applications by combining the speed of automated solutions with the expertise of highly trained security experts.

  • Automated Solutions
  • Manual Pentesting

How We Transformed Fortune Global Security Outcomes
with Our Solutions


Data Protection

Ensured the confidentiality of sensitive information and safeguarded against damage to reputation by preventing data breaches and theft.


Secured Brand Reputation

Implementing robust application security measures assisted in maintaining the trust of our Fortune 500 and 2000 customers globally, leading to increased confidence and loyalty from their customers.


Compliance with Regulations

Ensured compliance with strict data privacy regulations such as GDPR and other industry-specific regulations to avoid penalties.


Business Continuity

By preventing cyber-attacks and related disruptions, Fortune 500 sector customers could ensure the continuity of their operations and maintain business as usual.


Innovation & Growth

Created a secure digital environment that supports the development of new digital products and services, leading to increased competitiveness.


Airlines Company | Fortune 500

“Appknox gives us a quick, step-by-step framework to resolve vulnerabilities. We've been effectively managing the security assessment of our entire mobile app ecosystem regardless of the number of apps we ship; it takes us as little as 45 minutes.”

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