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of Your Mobile Apps with API Security Testing

Test Faster - Release Sooner Identify potential vulnerabilities in web servers, databases, and other components that interact with your server. Secure your mobile application with API Security.


Avoid Vulnerabilities - Protect Your
Brand & Customers with API Security

With Appknox, API Testing is Fast, Easy & Accurate


Complete VA Under 90min.


A Scan with Few Clicks


Zero False Postive

Effortless Application Programming Interface (API) for Vulnerabilities


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Enable API Capture During DAST

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Apply API Scanner URL Filter


Start Scan with One-click

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Get Vulnerability Report

Testing APIs for vulnerabilities
couldn’t get any easier

Appknox's API security testing can be easily enabled from the same dashboard that helps you manage other Vulnerability Assessment (VA) activities such as the static code analysis tool and DAST tool, with just a few clicks.

Reveal APIs

During the dynamic scan itself, the network traffic made by the app is recorded and filtered by the API endpoints.

You can further deselect any captured APIs you don't want to inspect and initiate the scan.


  • Complete list of APIs captured during DAST
  • Select only those APIs that you want to scan
  • Start Scan with one-click
API Scan 1

Scan APIs Against 20+ Test Cases

Automated test for over 20 test cases, categorised as Critical, High, Medium and Low based on their business implication.


  • Automated test against 20+ security test cases
  • Range to test critical-to-low business impact vulnerability
  • API input value outside a specified range are caught
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Get Detailed VA Report

Our in-depth evaluation report is designed to give you a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

The report is password-protected for your security and contains a summary of our findings.


  • Get the password-protected report with one-click
  • Easily comprehend the audit summary
  • Plan the fixes with compliant solutions
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Customers who stay secure with Appknox API Testing

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Taryar W
Senior Security Researcher

Appknox gives us quick, step-by-step framework to resolve vulnerabilities. We've been effectively managing the security assessment of our entire mobile app ecosystem regardless of number of apps we ship, it takes us as little as 45 minutes.

By Singapore airlines

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Piyush R
Co-Founder and CTO

The offering itself is great and has helped us keep our apps secure, static, dynamic, API, all in one tool. The ease of use of the service, responsiveness of the Appknox team to our feedback/ suggestions, they are an absolute delight to work with.

By Simplr

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Learn how Appknox
capabilities go beyond API Testing Tool

We Have Secured


Of Enterprise Apps

Manual Application Security Testing (MAST)

Introduction of ethical hackers to think like hackers and plug loopholes that outsmart the automated system. 

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We Tested


Total Apps (both Andriod & iOS)

Remediation Call

This remediation call confirms that the corrective actions are in line with industry best practices and will help you to prevent any future exploitation by hackers.

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See how Appknox can help you with Vulnerability Assessment

See how Appknox can help you with Vulnerability Assessment

Make Application Security a priority before it’s too late. Enable your development team with automated scans by Appknox.


See how Appknox
can help you with API Security