Mobile App Security - Prevention is better than Cure!

Uber has been in news since a few months, and this time, the victims are its own drivers!

Mobile App Security is an issue which isn’t given much priority while the app is in the developing stage, as a result of which hackers are able to target a desired number of victims. In the past as well Uber has failed to keep its customers’ information safe. This time, surprisingly, the victims are not the travelers but the drivers!

Leaking out 50000 drivers’ information is very critical because the data involves bank related information as well. However, Uber has tried to bring a halt to that by spacing out provision for compensation for the drivers. But this boils down to the same issue of mobile security and how we are handling it!

In the past, situations like these have occurred wherein banking institutions have also tried to provide compensation and cure to the solution, but no one talks about the preventive measures. Appknox has been working in the preventive field and it believes in remediating the causes and errors in the developing phase itself.

Companies and businesses make good money with these app downloads, advertisements, etc. and that becomes their priority in course of time due to which such occurrences take place. Developers need to understand that security and safety of both customers as well as employees is the most crucial point to be kept in mind, or else failure will be the only option due!

Published on Mar 4, 2015
Written by Team Appknox


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