[Infographic] A Day in the Life of Mobile Apps

We live in a world where mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily life. From the first morning 6 am jog, to texting our near and dear ones, from booking a cab for office to using an app to check official business communication, we use various kinds of apps for these day to day activities.

A study by Cisco revealed that more people will have mobile phones than electricity, running water and cars by 2020.

On one hand, consumers are downloading mobile apps without checking the kind of permissions these apps ask for. Numerous amount of user data is being shared on a daily basis without due consideration for the security aspect of it. On the other hand, businesses need to acknowledge and respect the fact that private and sensitive consumer data is being shared globally which makes it imperative for them to be proactive towards mobile security.

Today we bring you an infographic on the kind of daily activities that happen in the life of mobile apps on a global level.


                                                            How safe is your mobile app?

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Published on Apr 11, 2016
Hardeep Singh
Written by Hardeep Singh
Outreach Manager @appknox. #ProactiveAlways towards Social Media, Startups and Tech Evangelism.


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