Software Bill of Materials

From Inception to Deployment, Track & Know Vulnerabilities in your Software Components.

Identify answers to

  • What components are used?
  • Are the components vulnerable?
  • Are new versions of the components available?
SBOM Summary
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Appknox has released the first-of-its-kind binary-based SBOM offering, using which you can discover the components used in your applications. Not only that, you can also identify if any vulnerable components exist and ensure you stay compliant with the industry standards such as OWASP CycloneDX. With Appknox, you can gain comprehensive insights into your mobile app ecosystem, empowering you to make informed decisions about security and compliance.

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Subho Halder
CISO & Co-founder, Appknox

Binary based SBOM

What Does Appknox SBOM
Feature Do?

A Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is a detailed inventory that includes all the components like libraries & frameworks employed in a mobile application, along with their respective vulnerability status.

This aids in identifying potential weak points that could be targeted in a cyber attack, thereby enhancing supply chain security.

Appknox's SBOM features

How Does Appknox SBOM
Feature Work?

SBOM importance

Why is SBOM Important for You?

Without an SBOM, identifying potential security issues is akin to solving a puzzle without a picture. The missing pieces are challenging to identify, and completing the puzzle becomes almost impossible.

The comprehensive report is essentially helpful for developers and security teams to prioritize and address the security risks associated with the components used in your mobile applications.

Comprehensive Inventory

The value proposition of SBOMs lies in their ability to generate a comprehensive software inventory.

Effective Response

This inventory is extremely useful in the event of a security breach or vulnerability, such as Log4j.

Rapid Action Initiation

The inventory would enable the user to quickly locate the affected software component and initiate action based on the recommendations provided.

Your Mobile App With VS. Without 
SBOM Security Analysis

Your Mobile App Without SBOM Security Analysis

Lack of visibility into your software inventory can leave you vulnerable to cyber threats, but SBOM can help prevent this. It is essential for protecting your organization from supply chain attacks.

Impact on Your Organization

  • Delay in Identifying Root-cause of Issues
  • Vulnerability Exploitation
  • Legal Compliance Issues
  • Increased Business Risks

Your Mobile App With SBOM Security Analysis

SBOM security analysis is an essential part of safeguarding your mobile app from possible risks, ensuring stability and compliance with standards. It also helps to improve customer trust and loyalty in your business.

Impact on Your Organization

  • Faster Issue Resolution
  • Improved Security
  • Reduced Business Risks
  • Compliance with Legal and Regulatory equirements such as OWASP Cyclone DX

Here’s How Appknox SBOM
Feature Will Enable You

Appknox's SBOM features

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Take Control of Your Mobile App
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