Elevate mobile app security with
streamlined binary-based SBOM

Ensure comprehensive view of software component’s security. Appknox automates
the process, ensuring you have access to precise security insights.

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Appknox’s SBOM is made for teams determined to build
secure mobile applications

Empower your development, DevOps, and security teams with Appknox's binary-based SBOM, an ultimate
toolkit designed to address the unique challenges faced by them in crafting secure applications.

Reduce third-party security risks

Thoroughly assess risks associated with vendors, gain the confidence to choose the right partners, and ultimately reduce third-party security risks without having to opt for multiple tools.

Effectively mitigate security threats from third-party sources, all within a unified and streamlined system.

Appknox's dashboard showing the component details of an app - Mobile SBOM

Enhance security posture

Identify vulnerable components through proactive threat mitigation


Minimize the impact of security incidents

Analyze vulnerabilities periodically for efficient incident response


Ensure adherence to security regulations

Simplify compliance monitoring and reporting for better adherence

Optimizes your resource utilization

Maximize resource utilization with a central asset inventory. Simplify asset management and ensure resources are put to their best use with automated component generation and analysis.

Elevate current workflow with centralized list of software inventory.

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Minimize risks in software deployment

Get informed decision-making with risk assessment tools


Reduce costs and enhance efficiency

Automate component analysis to reduce costs and improve resource efficiency


Enhance alignment with business objectives

Support strategic decisions with software stack alignment

Safeguard against supply chain vulnerabilities

Elevate your security posture, pinpoint vulnerable components, and proactively shield your organization from supply chain attacks, mitigate supply chain risks and ensure unwavering protection.

Mitigate risks effectively, ensuring unwavering protection for your organization against potential threats.

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Enhance software security

Identify potential weaknesses in your mobile application components


Reduce legal and compliance risks

Ensure adherence to licensing compliance checks and mitigate legal risks


Streamline project documentation

Improve team collaboration with centralized documentation and easy access


Get reports that help you make informed decisions

With comprehensive reports and actionable insights that empower you to make data-driven decisions confidently, get

  • Clear visibility into the components used
  • Insights into the vulnerability status of your components
  • Risk scores for every identified vulnerability
  • Information about the availability of new component versions

Generate binary-based SBOM in four simple steps

Upload file

Upload the binary file of the iOS/Android app for SBOM generation

Trigger assessment

Comprehensive assessment of the application along with SAST is triggered

Vulnerability review

Review and assess the results for potential vulnerabilities for the app


Remediate the vulnerabilities with internal teams based on priority

Your mobile app with VS. without 
SBOM security analysis

Your Mobile App Without SBOM Security Analysis

Lack of visibility into your software inventory can leave you vulnerable to cyber threats, but SBOM can help prevent this. It is essential for protecting your organization from supply chain attacks.

Impact on your organization

  • Delay in identifying root-cause of issues
  • Vulnerability exploitation
  • Legal and compliance issues
  • Increased business risks

Your Mobile App With SBOM Security Analysis

SBOM security analysis is an essential part of safeguarding your mobile app from possible risks, ensuring stability and compliance with standards. It also helps to improve customer trust and loyalty in your business.

Impact on your organization

  • Faster issue resolution
  • Improved security
  • Reduced business risks
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements such as OWASP Cyclone DX
Frame 47557 2(1)(1)

Robust software component analysis built to empower you

Supercharge your security strategy and cybersecurity supply chain without having to modify your workflows or significantly train your team

  • Get visibility into the libraries and frameworks integrated within all mobile applications
  • Precisely identify libraries and frameworks utilizing outdated versions
  • Detect component-level vulnerabilities along with criticality and get direct visibility within minutes
  • Detect components that were once mandated for removal but are now available
  • Comprehend data destinations, including unauthorized APIs and endpoints
Frame 47557 2(1)(1)

Still curious about SBOM and how it adds value to your business?

Uncover its value proposition for your business through these dedicated resources.

From inception to deployment, track and know
the vulnerabilities
in your software components

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Take Control of Your Mobile App
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Get Started With Appknox Today.

Take Control of Your Mobile App
Security Before It Turns Into a
Business Threat.