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  • Surface vulnerabilities before they escalate into a threat
  • Avoid unpredictable security threats when you go to market
  • Integrate security into existing SDLC process seamlessly
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Appknox gives a coverage of 50+ SAST test cases
50 +
Test Cases Devised in SAST
Appknox's fully automated SAST tool conducts a thorough VA in just under 2 minutes
< 2 mins
For a Robust Static Scan

Appknox SAST is Easy, Fast and 100% Reliable to Help You
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binary dashboard

Dashboard to Get You Information at a Glance

Once inside Appknox, all your apps appear in a single dashboard.

Simply upload the binary of your Android or iOS mobile app in seconds and get the feedback in real-time.

See all your apps on Appknox's single dashboard - mobile app vulnerability scanner
Appknox has 50+ test case coverage for SAST | Binary-based vulnerability scanning tool

50+ SAST Test Cases to Bulletproof Your Application(s)

Appknox helps to ensure that your app complies with legal regulations by testing the binary for vulnerabilities. We have more than 140 test cases, 50 of which are dedicated to SAST.

Easily check the level of impact for each test case, and customize these requirements as per the business needs.

sast scan

Vulnerability Details to Highlight Potential Impact on Business

The report will contain deeper insights into the vulnerabilities — the compliance with regulatory frameworks and how it impacts
your business.

It also includes recommendations for addressing identified vulnerabilities and improving compliance with regulatory requirements.

Get deeper insights into each of your vulnerabilities with Appknox's comprehensive reports
Get an in-depth, password-protected mobile app security report in just one click - Mobile Application Security Testing

Password-Protected Exportable Report for Insights On The Go 

Our in-depth evaluation report is designed to give you a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

The report you export will be password-protected for your safety and can be quickly shared with your team for further analysis.


APKs, AABs, IPAs, Final Builds — Secure Them All

It doesn't matter what stage of development you are at and when you choose to test for vulnerabilities.

We've got you covered either way, simply upload the binary of your app and let us run the scans in record time.

Run thorough app vulnerability scans in any development stage with Appknox - Binary-based vulnerability scanner

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Firm Size
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Appknox awarded the Gartner Peer Insights Customer's Choice Award - 2020 | Mobile App Security
Appknox awarded the G2 Spring 2022 'Momentum Leader' Badge
Appknox awarded the G2 Spring 2022 'Easiest To Do Business With' Badge
Appknox awarded the G2 Spring 2022 'Easiest To Use' Badge


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What is SAST Scanning?

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is a process that scans the source code, binaries, and byte code of an application in the early stages of the Continous Integration (CI) pipeline. It analyzes the code pattern, data flow, and control flow and identifies vulnerabilities susceptible to attack. 

This testing process helps developers have real-time feedback when they code, further assisting in fixing issues before the code is forwarded to the next phase of the SDLC. Some SAST tools, like Appknox, use around 50 test cases to scan your application in just 2 minutes robustly. Appknox also provides in-depth recommendations for fixing the identified issues and improving regulatory compliance.

How Does the SAST Tool Detect Vulnerabilities in Code?

The best SAST tool scan an application before the code is compiled, i,e, it runs early in the continuous integration pipeline or even during the coding. 

By scanning the source code, binaries, assembly code, and byte code, SAST testing tool ensure that every line of code and execution path is tested thoroughly. The tools analyze the code pattern, data flow, and control flow. Static Code analysis tools also identify security flaws and vulnerabilities in the code.

This testing process provides real-time feedback to developers as they code and thus helps them fix issues before they forward the code to the next phase of the SDLC.

How Often Should SAST Scanning be Performed?

Several industry standards and guidelines suggest that an organization should perform SAST code scanning regularly. This might include doing it during daily/weekly/monthly builds or every time code gets despatched. 

By shifting left in the security testing, you can ensure that your code is free from vulnerabilities at an early stage only and thus save a lot of time and money later.

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