Automated API Security Testing

Secure all the vulnerable endpoints of your mobile app - analyze web
servers, databases, and any other components interacting with your server.

Avoid Vulnerabilities - Protect Your
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Tailored API List

The network traffic generated by the app is monitored and filtered by the API endpoints in DAST.

You can custom-select the APIs that you want to inspect and then initiate the scan.


API Test Cases

Automated scan with test cases dedicated to scanning your Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Categorized as critical, high, medium, and low, they help you know their impact on business.


Zero False Positives

False positives can lead to unnecessary and costly remediation efforts.

Get an assessment that only identifies actual vulnerabilities, rather than potential vulnerabilities or false positives.

Testing APIs for Vulnerabilities
Couldn’t Get Any Easier!

Discover APIs

During the DAST process, a comprehensive list of APIs is gathered. You can custom-select from the list of these revealed APIs & tailor the list to required focus areas.

API Scan
run the api scan

Run the Scan

Initiate the testing with one click and uncover vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow, Integer Overflow, LDAP Injection, and more.

Get a Detailed VA Report

Get a comprehensive assessment of possible weak points that could become an issue. Understand how these vulnerabilities would affect your business.

VA Report

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What is API Security Testing

API security testing is the process of testing the endpoints of an application program interface (API) and identifying vulnerabilities and security flaws. API facilitates data exchange between applications, and thus, security testing is crucial because if a hacker breaks API security, he can access sensitive and confidential data.

There are various forms of API security tests. While Static Analysis and Software Composition Analysis look for vulnerabilities in libraries and patterns in your code, Dynamic Analysis searches for potential vulnerabilities by sending active requests to the API and interpreting the response received.

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