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Navigate Your Mobile App Security : Your Questions, Our Answers

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    What sets Appknox apart from other mobile app security testing companies in the market?

    Appknox differentiates itself with its comprehensive automated vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools tailored for mobile application security. We provide a full range of security features designed to safeguard your mobile apps from threats, including malware, data leaks, and more. We continuously innovate to remain at the forefront of the latest security threats.

    What is Appknox's mission as a mobile app security testing company?

    At Appknox, our mission is simple: to Revolutionize Mobile App Security with top-notch solutions and a commitment to quality. We aim to provide innovative solutions that help businesses identify and remediate security vulnerabilities, ensuring the safety of their apps and protecting user data.

    What are Appknox's compliance certifications and standards?

    Appknox stands out for its compliance certifications and commitment to industry standards. We proudly hold SOC-2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, highlighting our dedication to data security and operational excellence.

    What is Appknox's approach to staying current with cybersecurity threats and trends?

    Appknox likely stays updated by maintaining partnerships with security research communities, tracking industry trends, participating in security conferences, and investing in continuous research and development. We also collaborate with security experts to stay ahead of emerging threats.

    What are some success stories or case studies of enterprises that have benefited from Appknox's services?

    We have a rich portfolio of success stories and case studies that showcase our collaborations with clients spanning various sectors, including BFSI, Oil and Gas, Energy, Airlines, FMCG, and other Fortune 2000 businesses across diverse industries. These case studies highlight the value we've added to their operations.

    Notably, a prominent government banking institution in the UAE recently partnered with Appknox to address its cybersecurity needs. For further details, you can explore our case studies section to gain insights into our impactful engagements.

    How does Appknox ensure transparency and effective communication throughout the testing engagement?

    Appknox achieves transparency and communication through regular updates, detailed reports, and interactive communication channels. We provide clients with progress reports, vulnerability details, and the necessary information to understand and address security issues.

    How does Appknox keep its customers informed about the latest security updates and enhancements to the platform?

    Appknox communicates updates through email notifications, blog posts, newsletters, and webinars. We also have a dedicated section on our platform or website where clients can access release notes and updates.

    How does Appknox ensure data privacy and security for its clients' sensitive information?

    Appknox likely implements strong data encryption practices and access control and adheres to relevant data protection regulations. We also conduct regular security audits and assessments to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of our client's sensitive information.

    Additionally, we are ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant, ensuring the complete safety of our customers' data and information.

    Does Appknox offer integration capabilities with existing development and security tools?

    At Appknox, we strive to integrate with existing development and security tools to streamline workflows and enhance the overall security posture of applications. Integration capabilities include CLI integration, plugins for popular development environments, and compatibility with common CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipelines.

    Are there any specific technical requirements for using Appknox's testing platform?

    Worrying about intricate prerequisites is unnecessary – the process is straightforward. You just need to upload your mobile app's binary onto our platform, and from there, you can initiate the scanning procedure. 

    How does Appknox ensure user-friendly interfaces and easy navigation within its product?

    Experience a seamless interface with our user-friendly dashboard. Easily identify initial steps and navigate them effortlessly, whether you're a seasoned user or a newcomer. Our comprehensive onboarding process ensures you maximize the potential of our dashboard, empowering your team with the skills to make the most of its capabilities.

    How can Appknox's Vulnerability Assessment (VA) help identify security weaknesses in mobile apps?

    Vulnerability Assessment involves employing specific test cases to pinpoint established vulnerabilities within mobile applications. These vulnerabilities are then ranked according to severity, relying on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) scores. The assessment scans for CVEs listed by security communities such as OWASP. It is an invaluable method for identifying potential security threats, using solely your mobile app's binary.

    How does Appknox Static Application Security Testing (SAST) work?

    SAST scans app binary and identifies vulnerabilities in the early stages of CI. It provides real-time feedback to fix issues before forwarding to the next SDLC phase. Appknox uses 50 test cases to scan in 2 minutes, with recommendations for resolving issues & improving compliance.

    How do I run Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) using Appknox?

    DAST Scanning involves testing applications for vulnerabilities through simulated external attacks, like those from potential malicious users or hackers. This occurs while the application is operational. After the simulated attack, Mobile App DAST scans for unexpected outcomes, flagging security vulnerabilities such as injection errors, path traversal, and cross-site scripting.
    Appknox employs an innovative method by conducting DAST scans on actual devices within its device farm. This approach enables Appknox to evaluate apps that feature advanced elements such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and other authenticated functionalities, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive security assessment.

    What are the advantages of API Testing with Appknox, and how is it done?

    The API Testing secures the vulnerable endpoints of your mobile app - and analyzes web servers, databases, and any other components interacting with your server.

    The process begins with the upload of your mobile app's binary file. Subsequently, Appknox performs a static analysis to assess potential vulnerabilities. Once the static analysis is complete, the platform performs dynamic analysis and an API scan. During this phase, various vulnerabilities are detected within your app's APIs. Finally, Appknox compiles a detailed report that outlines these vulnerabilities, highlights security gaps, and provides actionable recommendations for resolving these issues, ensuring the enhanced security of your mobile app.


    What steps are involved in performing Penetration Testing (PT) with Appknox?

    Penetration testing is a fairly complex procedure that requires hands-on experience and can be performed by certified professionals only. 

    While the actual process may vary from organization to organization, a typical penetration test involves the following steps: Planning and Scope Information Collection, Vulnerability Scanning Exploitation Post-Exploitation, and Detailed Reporting Mitigation.

    Additionally, it's crucial to mention that performing Vulnerability Assessment (VA) on the application is an integral part of this process. VA helps identify potential loopholes that could be exploited for business logic attacks, further enhancing the overall security assessment.

    How can Appknox's Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) feature assist in managing app dependencies and security risks?

    A Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) provides a comprehensive inventory detailing all components utilized in a mobile application, including libraries and frameworks. It also includes their associated vulnerability statuses. This invaluable resource assists in pinpointing potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited in a cyber attack, thereby bolstering supply chain security.

    How frequently does Appknox's Store Monitoring scan app marketplaces to ensure real-time threat detection and response?

    Appknox’s Store Monitoring scans app marketplaces by running it once every 24 hours to ensure real-time threat detection and response.

    Can Appknox's security insights help identify potential vulnerabilities before they become significant issues?

    Appknox's security insights are designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in your applications and systems before they escalate into significant security issues. Appknox can proactively detect vulnerabilities, security weaknesses, and potential attack vectors by analyzing your app's binary. This early detection helps to prevent possible breaches and data leaks, ultimately minimizing the impact on your security posture.

    How can I leverage Appknox's tech skills to strengthen our overall security posture?

    Appknox's technical expertise can be leveraged to enhance your organization's security posture in several ways:

    Regular Security Assessments: Appknox can perform routine security assessments using a combination of automated Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and manual Penetration Testing (Pen-testing) approaches. 

    Continuous Monitoring: Appknox provides ongoing monitoring on the Google Play and Apple App Store, detecting new threats and vulnerabilities that emerge over time through its store monitoring feature. 

    Supply Chain Security: Appknox's Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) feature enhances supply chain security. It provides detailed insights into the components and dependencies within your software applications. This transparency allows you to identify potential vulnerabilities or risks that could arise from third-party components. Understanding your software's supply chain enables you to make informed decisions to mitigate potential threats.


    What level of customization and flexibility does Appknox offer to cater to the unique requirements of our technology solutions?

    Appknox offers a high level of flexibility to adapt to your unique technology requirements. Our scanner supports various programming languages, frameworks, and platforms your applications use. The scanning and assessment processes can be customized to suit your development cycles and specific security needs. This ensures that Appknox aligns with your organization's workflows and addresses the specific challenges of your technology solutions.

    How does Appknox enable seamless integration with our existing tech stack to ensure a smooth testing process?

    Appknox can integrate with popular development and CI/CD platforms, allowing security assessments to be seamlessly incorporated into your existing workflows. This integration ensures that security testing becomes integral to your development process without causing disruptions or delays.

    How does Appknox contribute to fostering a culture of innovation and security within our organization?

    Appknox fosters a culture of innovation and security by

    • Encouraging Proactive Security: By identifying vulnerabilities early, Appknox empowers your teams to address security concerns before they hinder innovation.
    • Enhancing Awareness: Appknox's insights educate your teams about evolving security threats, promoting a security-conscious mindset.
    • Supporting Collaboration: Appknox encourages collaboration between development and security teams, fostering innovation in a secure environment by offering actionable insights and information. 

    Also, Appknox believes that the development team should be aware of these issues and be able to perform the first stage of VA during the early development phase to ensure faster mitigation. Additionally, Appknox's pricing model places no limits on the number of users, reinforcing our commitment to supporting a culture of innovation and security throughout the organization.


    Can Appknox assist in creating a cybersecurity roadmap and implementing best practices for our organization?

    We can guide you in implementing security best practices, aligning them with your technology stack and business goals. This roadmap may include regular security assessments, vulnerability management, and incident response plans to ensure a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity.

    How does Appknox cater to the specific security needs of BFSI organizations?

    Appknox is a dedicated security solution provider for BFSI organizations, acutely aware of the intricate security landscape that defines the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors. Appknox eases the compliance journey, guiding BFSI organizations to align with the rigorous demands of industry regulations and standards.

    Whether it's the intricate framework of PCI DSS, the vigilance of ISO 27001, or the global reach of GDPR, our platform ensures that your security measures firmly adhere to the most exacting security mandates, including the OWASP MASVS and OWASP Mobile and Webtop 10. 

    Can you explain how Appknox's solutions align with the priorities of Enterprises CISOs?

    Appknox's platform empowers CISOs with store monitoring, effortlessly identifying whether apps have undergone scanning before their release. This facet simplifies security oversight and bolsters your compliance posture, ensuring a secured app ecosystem in the market.

    With Appknox, compliance challenges are met proactively and effectively, allowing you to focus on your organization's core objectives. Appknox offers an executive dashboard designed to provide CISOs with a rapid overview of the organization's mobile app security posture. The analytics dashboard empowers CISOs with insights into top concerns and priority action items.

    Can Appknox provide clear, strategic reports communicating security strategies to non-technical board members?

    Yes, Appknox generates user-friendly reports that translate technical details into business-relevant insights. These reports highlight vulnerabilities, risks, and remediation actions in a language understandable to non-technical stakeholders, facilitating informed decision-making.

    Does Appknox offer training resources to assist CISOs in enforcing privacy policies across their organizations?

    Appknox consistently holds webinars, publishes research reports, and presents case studies to empower CISOs and other security professionals with industry trends and best practices. If your organization requires tailored assistance, we're more than willing to engage in discussions, understanding your unique requirements and crafting solutions that resonate with your privacy policy enforcement objectives. 

    How does Appknox support CISOs in their risk-averse and methodical approach to cybersecurity?

    Appknox complements risk-averse CISOs by:

    1. Threat Visibility: The platform provides a comprehensive view of application vulnerabilities, allowing CISOs to address high-priority risks methodically.
    2. Continuous Monitoring: Appknox's ongoing Appstore monitoring aids in tracking and mitigating emerging threats, aligning with a cautious cybersecurity approach.
    Can Appknox help CISOs create reliable security workflows that align with the business's goals and objectives?

    Appknox offers additional CSMs for enterprise accounts who will align and strategize with CISOs and leaders to strategize and set up priorities for every quarter. They also help them evaluate how far they have written their plan each quarter.

    For technology companies, what unique challenges does Appknox help address from a CISO's perspective?

    Our services enable proactive identification and mitigation of security risks before they escalate. This is vital in an environment where rapid innovation can sometimes outpace security measures, ensuring that your technology remains your greatest asset, not a vulnerability.

    How does Appknox support the implementation of Shift Left and DevSecOps practices for technology-focused enterprises?

    Our platform facilitates early vulnerability identification through automated security assessments, ensuring security is embedded from the beginning of the development process. By offering actionable insights during the development lifecycle, we empower your teams to address vulnerabilities before they propagate, enhancing the security of your technology solutions. This approach aligns perfectly with Shift Left and DevSecOps principles, fostering a security-conscious culture while maintaining rapid development cycles.

    Can Appknox's reports be easily understood and effectively communicated to non-technical board members and business leaders?

    Appknox's reports are designed to bridge the gap between technical insights and business comprehension. We provide clear, concise insights that translate technical vulnerabilities into business risks. This empowers CISOs to communicate effectively with non-technical stakeholders, enabling informed decisions about security investments.

    How does Appknox's platform address the unique security needs of technology-focused enterprises?

    Appknox recognizes the dynamic security landscape of technology-focused enterprises and addresses their needs through:

    1. Continuous Monitoring: Adapting to the ever-changing threat landscape and identifying emerging risks promptly.
    2. Customizable Scans: Tailoring assessments to your specific technology stack, addressing relevant vulnerabilities to your environment.
    3. Integration Agility: Seamlessly integrating into your development processes, supporting agile workflows without disrupting efficiency.


    How does Appknox contribute to enhancing the security posture of technology-focused enterprises through comprehensive testing?

    By identifying vulnerabilities across applications, APIs, and configurations, we empower your teams to address potential weaknesses proactively. Through continuous assessments, we ensure that security measures are in lockstep with your dynamic technology landscape. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of breaches, secures sensitive data, and fortifies your organization's security.

    How does Appknox ensure that government entities' data and privacy are protected while conducting security testing?

    Our rigorous security measures include encryption, restricted access, and compliance with industry-leading data protection standards. We work under strict NDAs, ensuring confidentiality is maintained at all times. Our on-premise solution option ensures sensitive scan reports remain in your controlled environment.

    How does Appknox tailor its services to meet the security requirements of government organizations?

    We have adapted our solutions to comply with government regulations and standards, offering robust encryption and data protection measures. On top of providing secure cloud-based hosting options, many of our govt customers also opt for on-premise deployment of Appknox at their site for increased confidentiality. We ensure that our services integrate seamlessly with existing government IT infrastructure to enhance security without disrupting operations.

    How does Appknox assist government entities in preventing security issues and articulating the value and cost of security and compliance?

    We offer analytics that enables government entities to prioritize their security efforts. This means focusing resources on the most critical vulnerabilities and reducing the risk of breaches. Through our data-driven approach, government entities can demonstrate the value of their security investments. This not only helps in securing budgets but also builds trust with stakeholders.

    How does Appknox address the challenge of limited staffing for security experts in government entities?

    Appknox addresses staffing challenges by offering automated security testing and monitoring solutions that reduce the reliance on in-house security experts for repetitive processes. Our user-friendly platform allows non-experts to conduct assessments, and our team provides training and support. This empowers government entities to maximize their existing staff while maintaining a high-security level.

    How does Appknox support government entities in meeting compliance requirements specific to the public sector?

    We continuously update our platform to comply with evolving standards and provide documentation that aids in audits and regulatory assessments. Our team also offers expert guidance on implementing security measures that meet these specific compliance standards.

    How can Appknox help government entities overcome the challenge of using various open-source security tools and achieve a unified approach to security?

    Appknox simplifies security management for government entities compared to open-source options in the following ways:

    • Unified Platform: Appknox consolidates security solutions into one platform for efficient security management.
    • Seamless Integration: It easily integrates with existing systems, minimizing compatibility issues.
    • Centralized Monitoring: Appknox provides a comprehensive security view via a centralized dashboard.
    • User-Friendly: Its user-friendly interface accommodates a broader range of users.
    • Enhanced Coordination: Appknox promotes better collaboration among government teams by enabling all user groups to access the platform and consume relevant reports.
    Can Appknox assist startups and small enterprises secure their minimum viable products (MVPs) and early-stage apps?

    Appknox empowers startups by providing comprehensive security solutions for their MVPs and initial app releases through a left shift from DevOps to DevSecOps. By integrating security from the earliest stages of development, we proactively identify vulnerabilities, enabling startups to address security concerns before launch, bolstering their reputation, and enhancing user trust from day one.

    How can Appknox's mobile app security testing services help financial institutions protect customer data and maintain regulatory compliance?

    By embedding security assessments into the DevSecOps pipeline, we identify and mitigate vulnerabilities proactively, reducing the risk of data breaches, enhancing compliance with financial regulations such as PCI DSS and GDPR, and fostering trust in financial services.

    What steps does Appknox take to ensure the resilience of BFSI mobile apps against evolving cyber threats?

    Appknox ensures the resilience of BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) mobile apps by enabling the left shift from DevOps to DevSecOps. We proactively address evolving cyber threats through continuous security assessments and real-time monitoring, securing mobile apps against emerging vulnerabilities. Additionally, serving over 40 BFSIs worldwide, our customers' feedback and suggestions drive continuous innovation, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the ever-changing industry.

    How does Appknox help healthcare institutions comply with healthcare-specific data protection regulations like HIPAA?

    Appknox assists healthcare institutions in achieving compliance with healthcare-specific data protection regulations like HIPAA by orchestrating the left shift from DevOps to DevSecOps. Appknox identifies and categorizes vulnerabilities according to HIPAA Compliance, ensuring that businesses adhere to all the security standards mandated by HIPAA.

    What specific security measures does Appknox implement to protect classified and confidential government mobile applications?

    Appknox is compliant with SOC Type 2 and ISO- 27001. We integrate strong encryption, continuous penetration testing, and real-time Play Store monitoring. This proactive approach aligns with stringent government security standards, ensuring the highest level of protection.

    How does Appknox support large organizations in conducting comprehensive security assessments across multiple regions and markets?

    Appknox provides scalable solutions for large organizations, streamlining the left shift from DevOps to DevSecOps for comprehensive security assessments across multiple regions and markets. Our centralized platform offers a unified view of security, ensuring consistency in security measures across diverse operational areas and enhancing efficiency and security.

    What specific security measures does Appknox offer to protect large enterprises from supply chain attacks through mobile apps?

    Appknox safeguards large enterprises from supply chain attacks through a comprehensive software security approach. We offer a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) security vulnerability report, meticulously inspecting software components and dependencies within mobile apps. By identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities, we provide a strong defense against supply chain risks, ensuring the integrity and security of the entire supply chain ecosystem.

    What role does Appknox play in helping SaaS companies secure their mobile apps during rapid feature development and updates?

    Rapid feature development in the SaaS industry often leads to a common challenge: balancing speed and security. Appknox's automated security solution allows teams to generate security vulnerability reports in under 60 minutes without having a dedicated resource overlook the process, enabling them with fast and reliable words they can consider to improve their mobile app's security. On top of this, our store monitoring helps managers and security team leaders keep a tab on ensuring all the updates are released only after being tested for security.

    What are the common security challenges faced by the e-commerce sector, and how does Appknox address them?

    The e-commerce sector confronts several security challenges, including payment data breaches, customer data theft, and fraud. Appknox addresses these concerns by conducting comprehensive security assessments tailored for e-commerce applications. We employ automated testing and continuous monitoring to identify vulnerabilities that could compromise payment information and customer privacy. 

    How does Appknox structure its pricing for mobile app security testing services?

    Pricing is determined based on the specific service type and its scope. Appknox offers a range of options that complement its VA (Vulnerability Assessment) offering, including SBOM, Store Monitoring, On-Premises VA, SSO, and PT.

    Is the pricing model tailored to the size of the enterprise or the number of mobile apps being tested?

    The pricing is determined based on the number of mobile apps owned by the enterprise and the frequency of audits required by the enterprise.

    Are there different pricing tiers based on the level of testing required (e.g., basic, standard, premium)?

    Our pricing structure is tailored to the specific offerings and their scope. We may categorize them using marketing standards to differentiate between different tiers based on the level of testing required.

    Does Appknox offer flexible payment options or subscription plans for ongoing security assessments?

    We offer two payment options for annual subscriptions: paying annually or quarterly in advance.

    Are there any additional costs or hidden fees associated with using Appknox's mobile app security testing platform?

    No, there aren’t any additional costs or hidden fees associated with using Appknox's mobile app security testing platform; the pricing depends on the offering and value-added features or services being opted for.

    Does Appknox provide discounts or special pricing for long-term engagements or multiple testing cycles?

    Appknox is flexible with pricing and is open to discussing discounts or special rates for long-term engagements or multiple testing cycles. Please get in touch with our sales team to explore customized pricing options that suit your needs.

    How does Appknox ensure transparency in its pricing structure for potential customers?

    Appknox maintains pricing transparency by conducting an annual review, ensuring competitive and industry-aligned rates. This commitment empowers potential customers to make informed decisions.

    What is the process of getting a personalized quote for our organization's mobile app security needs?

    You can reach out to our security advisor for a personalized quote!

    How does Appknox protect its platform and infrastructure against potential cyber threats?

    Appknox is ISO-certified and compliant with all security measures and data policies. We also perform internal security assessments for each release and external regular evaluations.

    How does Appknox ensure the confidentiality and security of sensitive data provided during the testing process?

    Appknox's commitment to data security is reflected in its SOC2 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications. As an ISO-certified entity, Appknox follows all necessary security protocols and data policies. We conduct regular internal security assessments with each release and undergo external evaluations to ensure the utmost security for our client's data.

    What measures are implemented to protect the intellectual property of the mobile apps being tested?

    We avoid disruptive changes to the application to protect its intellectual property. If such actions become necessary due to compliance requirements, we'll inform all relevant stakeholders to ensure proper preparations are made.

    Can you elaborate on the access controls and authentication mechanisms used to safeguard user identities within Appknox's platform?

    There is Access control content for member vs. admin vs. owner:

    How does Appknox comply with industry standards and regulations concerning data security and privacy?

    Appknox upholds the highest data security and privacy standards by adhering to industry regulations. We comply with SOC2 and ISO27001, demonstrating our commitment to safeguarding data security and privacy.

    Are security researchers or third parties subject to strict data handling agreements when working with Appknox?

    We have an in-house team of experienced security researchers and do not engage with third-party vendors. In the rare event that such collaboration is necessary, we implement a rigorous vendor onboarding process.

    How does Appknox ensure the protection of customer data against sophisticated data breaches?

    Our SOC Type 2 and ISO27001 compliance signifies our readiness to handle breaches. In case of a breach, we promptly inform all relevant stakeholders about its criticality and impact on affected services.