Mobile Apps And Businesses – Two Sides of The Same Coin.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Ola, TaxiForSure, Zomato, Mobikwik, TrueCaller,Paytm, Photo Editor, Instagram, Myntra, Limeroad, and many more millionaire and billionaire companies have one thing in common – their app made them big in the market!

With the coming in of Android devices like smart phones, iPads, tablets, watches etc, the popularity of mobile apps is increasing day by day. From ordering food to booking cabs, from shopping online to checking PNR status, mobile apps have brought a huge amount of relief to the world today. Just a touch and tap away, these apps are doing their bit to make lives easier for their users. Today, having a mobile app for a business is inevitable and is surpassing the world of email marketing and website marketing. As a matter of fact, Myntra users today can only use the app when accessing from their mobile, and not the website. Websites will soon be limited only to laptops, and businesses, to flourish, will definitely need to build mobile apps.

Mobile apps have their own benefits especially in a world driven by technology and digital natives. Here are a few benefits which can help your small business flourish with mobile apps:

a) Easy to enroll – Download, install, fill in basic details and bang! That’s how easy it is to enroll oneself on a mobile app and start to use its services. Most of the B2C companies can accumulate not only huge income but also a lot of good name and appreciation because of these easy step enrollment processes.

b) Add on feature to an existing website - Taking example of Myntra, Flipkart, Facebook, MakeMyTrip and many more, they are making good name and better business today by having a mobile application for their users. These mobile apps are now making users avail services of their choice. It is an added effort to go to a laptop or computer and with BYOD, the important work can be done by just by sitting in your office space!

c) Saves time – Unsaid, understood, but a very crucial mention is about the amount of time these apps save for us to plan and organize our other important works. Let’s face it, all of us have only 24 hours in hand, and when on palm or wrist, it makes it easier for us to manage time! While we order a good dress for a date, we can spend time on makeup, and be on time for a great dinner which was found worth going using an app! Life’s good indeed for the businesses with worthy customers.

d) Rich data captured in real time- It is interesting to note how a cab or pizza delivery gets to know about our exact location of pickup and delivery within fraction of seconds! And that’s what makes an app, and thus a company earns huge profits along with great amount of popularity.

The one thing which these apps need to worry about and should take an extra step towards is the security, else they might have similar PR nightmare as Ola did recently. Once this is taken care of, they know they rule the world of consumers!

Apps are trending and are very useful to each one of us today. In this era of smart devices, on one hand email communication is important, on the other, to be fast and to reach on time for a meeting, an app is crucial. Thus, to create a balance and lead a comfortable life, apps are beneficial.

Published on Mar 24, 2015
Written by Team Appknox


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