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Are you an Android developer or an enterprise ready to launch your Android App? Then wait! Did you check for the security risks that your mobile app can is exposed to?

According to a Forbes 2014 report, Android malware rose from 238 threats in 2012 to 2.5 times in 2013.

With the lack of strict security measures, cyber attacks have only increased with each passing year. To avoid being a victim of any malware, enterprises and developers should ensure a complete security check before they launch their Android apps.

In this deck, I have shared 21 most essential security measures that any Android app developer or security professional should follow.

At Appknox, we want businesses to be proactive towards security and hence we also offer free security analysis so that businesses can take immediate measure and not become a victim to hacks.





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Team Appknox

Written by Team Appknox

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