Simplified security: The ultimate actionable MASVS compliance checklist for security teams

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While working towards a mission of building better, more secure mobile applications, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has spearheaded this effort with the Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) and the Mobile Application Security Testing Guide (MASTG). These invaluable resources provide a comprehensive framework for safeguarding your mobile apps, ensuring trust, and protecting user data.

AMASVS offers a robust set of security requirements addressing diverse vulnerabilities, from data encryption and authentication to secure storage and code practices. However, the sheer volume and technical intricacy of these standards can present significant challenges for users navigating the vast information on the OWASP website.

Most of the developers and security researchers in charge of compliance need help with the complexity and volume of standards that MASVS encompasses including a vast array of standards, making it daunting to comprehend and implement effectively. 

Transforming abstract security principles into concrete coding practices can be a major hurdle and most developers often lack the readily available resources and practical examples to seamlessly integrate MASVS recommendations into their development workflow. 

To overcome this, at Appknox, we’ve put together a guide with an actionable list of activities to comply with for each MASVS ID to demystify MASVS compliance. 

This actionable checklist will prioritize the MASVS standards based on factors like risk, impact, and ease of implementation and will help focus your efforts on the most critical areas first, maximizing their impact.

Each standard in the checklist can be broken down into actionable activities, providing a roadmap for implementation. This clarity empowers you to take concrete steps toward compliance and bridge the gap between theory and practice.

For those wanting to jump to the list of standards that the vulnerabilities in your applications violate, feel free to check it out here. For the rest, here’s the actionable list.

MASVS Tests and Activities checklist

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This may seem a bit overwhelming, and honestly, it is. 

That's why we started building Appknox. Think of it as the technical reason why Appknox exists.

At Appknox, we’re committed to simplifying mobile application security in tangible ways. One of which is helping custodians of security within organizations help automate compliance regulation and focus more on core competencies like developing applications faster and more efficiently.

To do so, Appknox has a dashboard built into the product that gives you a comprehensive report of which vulnerability compromises which compliance, including MASVS and MASTG, thus saving you the effort of mapping vulnerabilities back to compliance standards. All of this in extension to the automated vulnerability assessment including SAST, DAST, and API testing.

Appknox also has downloadable reports in various formats including Excel sheets where you can filter out vulnerabilities that violate one or more of the compliances. 

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Illustration - Vulnerability Details
Appknox’s binary-based security tool revolutionizes the way applications are safeguarded and ensures meticulous analysis, pinpointing vulnerabilities with unparalleled precision that enables comprehensive remediation strategies, improving the security posture of applications. 

If you’re ready to get your vulnerability assessment automated, speak to us and see how we can help you spend your time on meaningful tasks like building applications efficiently. 

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Published on Jan 19, 2024
Abhinav Vasisth
Written by Abhinav Vasisth
Abhinav Vasisth is a certified ethical hacker and the security research lead at Appknox, a mobile security suite that helps enterprises automate mobile security. Abhinav has been a critical member of Appknox for 5 years, reinventing the standards of mobile app security against evolving threats. He is highly regarded in the industry for his expertise, speaks at various security conferences like PHDays, and has collaborated with numerous enterprises to safeguard their digital assets.
When he's not outsmarting hackers, he listens to metal music or is lost in books.


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