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The Challenges of Mobile Application Security

Securing a mobile application can be highly challenging and if a breach is made, it can be disastrous. There are many reports, especially by Gartner, that showcase how vulnerable a mobile application is.

Gartner released a new report  which says that more than 75 percent of mobile applications will fail basic security tests. Gartner said that in 2015, the majority of mobile applications - whether in the Android, iOS or Windows Phone ecosystems - will not have basic business-acceptable security protocols in place. Part of the issue with mobile application security is that employees download apps that access enterprise assets or perform business functions, but the security of the apps is not adequate to protect against attacks or meet the security requirements set out by company policy. A report by Ovum Research predicts that a growing number of cloud-based business and security services will rely upon mobile devices, making them targets for hackers.

While there are numerous reasons behind mobile applications failing to achieve even the basic level of security, the research shows that 75 percent of mobile security breaches through 2017 will be caused by mobile application misconfigurations, “rather than the outcome of deeply technical attacks on mobile devices.”

Diving deeper into this problem one can realize that the challenge is not really the technicality involved, which is just part of the problem. The bigger challenge is the attitude shift needed so that brands and businesses can realize that security is not something to be taken lightly. Most organizations follow a reactive attitude towards security issues. The real challenge is to change this attitude to a more proactive one.

Appknox actually helps make lives easier for brands. Appknox helps developers and businesses make their mobile applications more secure by detecting vulnerabilities in their apps and suggesting ways in which they can fix them. The best part is that we do not need access to the code which is prized possession for any company. In short, we help provide peace of mind to major brands and businesses as far as their mobile security is concerned.

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Published on Jan 27, 2015
Written by Prateek Panda


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