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About Us

Our story begins in Bangalore India, where two friends get together with the mammoth mission to secure applications that the world uses. Subho Halder, Appknox CTO, was fascinated by finding security issues in mobile applications since his early years as a teen. This fascination has now turned into an obsession and a full-time job that keeps Subho busy each day. His incredibly vast knowledge of the mobile security domain has led to him becoming one of the industry’s most demanded speakers in top cybersecurity events around the globe. He’s spoken, presented and conducted workshops at OWASP, DEFCON, Blackhat, AppSec, RSA, Nullcon, and more. Subho is acknowledged as a hall of fame by the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft for analysing, detecting and reporting critical security vulnerabilities in their applications. Today, Appknox (Headquartered in Singapore) has put the founders and the growing team on a path to securing organizations around the world one mobile app at a time.

Over the years we’ve refined our technology, processes and team to deliver security solutions impacting businesses and consumers on a global scale. Our team boasts of over 100+ security researchers, account managers and technical experts. Together, we’ve built an globally recognized and highly rated automated security solution that delivers faster, wider and deeper.


Appknox approaches security testing with an automated vulnerability assessment which includes Static code analysis (sast), Dynamic and API testing combined with manual penetration testing to ensure security is addressed all nine yards. Over 300 mobile app businesses including Fortune 500 companies are going to market faster, protecting their brand identity, data and consumer privacy. Additionally, Appknox advocates and practices the DevSecOps framework to ensure that businesses address security vulnerabilities right from the first line of code to after the apps are in the market. That simply means a lot fewer breaches with a lot fewer fixes.



We’ve completed over

20,000 scans across the iOS and
Android platforms

and protected organizations from over

half a million vulnerabilities till date.


What We Believe

Our goal is to provide honest solutions backed by innovative technology that makes a direct impact to investment, ROI, and ultimately the security of all data. Our focus on the product is never hidden behind the smoke screen of crafty marketing or slithery sales. When you use Appknox, be rest assured that you are using security technology that is robust, researched-backed and high performing.

We’ve built a team with strong values around honesty and a customer-centric mindset. Our guidelines simply reinstate our primary mission and that is to make the apps a safer place for people to interact and transact on. 

Appknox Supports Value SaaS-

In a value SaaS business model like ours, the founders together with our team aim to create highly valuable outcomes for all stakeholders - customers, employees, investors, and also ourselves to ensure we are always in control of the business while being laser-focused on our mission and vision. 

Company Presence

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The Founding Team

Harshit Agarwal

Founder & CEO

Subho Hadler

Founder & CTO

Our Advisors

Tiang Lim Foo

Venture partner - Next Billion Ventures

Priyam Bose

Global head - Developer Products, Truecaller

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Partner - Upekkha Catalyst

Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

Partner - Upekkha Catalyst

Sekhar Nair 

Partner - Upekkha Catalyst

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We got a G2 Satisfaction Score of 84 on the SAST and DAST Grid
report, leaving behind tools like Synopsys, Checkmarx, HCL
and others...

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