Learn How Clootrack Eliminated Cloud Security Risks & Won Trust Among Existing Customers Using Appknox

What will you learn from this Case Study?

Businesses are realizing the power of cloud Infrastructure and increased security criticalities while deploying/managing customer data in the cloud.

This case study shows you how Clootrack, a growing Customer Perception Analytics Company which analyses 1 million data extracts/month was able to implement a defensive environment to protect sensitive assets and private data by simulating the attack vector environment for their cloud infrastructure.

Appknox helped Clootrack develop a robust and secure cloud security environment and enable real-time threat detection system while being compliant to local and global security compliances.

In this case study we discuss:

✓ What Clootrack Security Challenges Were

✓ Why Appknox

✓ Appknox’s Cloud Security Assessment Overview

✓ Key Results Achieved


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Clootrack CaseStudy

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