Achieving resilience for the oldest multinational bank in Nigeria

With the BFSI sector being a prime target for hackers and data breaches. Learn how Appknox  discovered 341 vulnerabilities within 51 banking apps in less than 60 seconds. This case study highlights the benefits of Appknox's automated testing, which helps streamline assessments, saving time and ensuring accuracy for BFSI leaders.

With this case study, you will:

  • Learn how continuous security monitoring and assessment are crucial, especially in BFSI, where any security lapse could have severe consequences.
  • Discover how the bank was able to achieve streamlined security with the help of Appknox, which identified and resolved security vulnerabilities in its app. 
  • Learn how the bank was able to achieve zero false positives with highly reliable results, facilitating effective resource allocation and swift vulnerability mitigation with the help of Appknox.
  • Understand how the bank was able to integrate security practices into the development lifecycle, supported by Appknox, that enabled faster time-to-market without sacrificing security.

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Detect your app’s vulnerabilities in less than 60 seconds.

Appknox enables quick management and detection of a large volume of apps with CI/CD integration and automated testing. Check out our case study to discover how we can help protect your data and monitor your brand within a few minutes.

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