Navigating mobile app security: Insights from a global electronics powerhouse

Investigation reveals that supply chain attacks account for 17% of major data breaches. Scalability issues, limited support, and numerous false positives from open-source tools have always been a concern for security leaders in the consumer and supply chain industry. If you are facing similar challenges, you might find it helpful to learn how Appknox’s automated security assessment helped a global supply chain and consumer electronics manufacturer enhance its security posture.

With this case study, you will:

  • Learn how the manufacturer of such a large scale was able to fast-track their automated scanning with Appknox’s CI/CD.
  • Discover how the manufacturer saw a limited false positive in security findings that improved the entire SDLC cycle.
  • Learn how a large volume of scans can be completed in a single go without any manual intervention.
  • Gain insights into how the manufacturer reduced its development time with the help of Appknox for a faster go-to-market.

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Secure and reduce hours of manual efforts with CI/CD.

Working with a large volume of apps can be challenging without CI/CD. Let our detailed case study guide you through how Appknox helped a global electronics powerhouse.

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