Transforming mobile security for a leading Payment Service Provider

About 25% of cyberattacks in the PSP sector are due to a lack of proactive measures in compliance and security, which results in compromised customer data and financial frauds. This is a major concern for security leaders in the PSP industry as they handle a large volume of financial data. This case study explains how Appknox helped a PSP comply with regulatory requirements and move away from a manual approach to security testing in just a few hours.

With this case study, you will:

  • Discover how a payment service provider enhanced their security posture with Appknox’s automated vulnerability scanner.
  • Learn how all the compliance regulations were achieved by the PSP vendor, thereby gaining consumer trust with Appknox.
  • See how the PSP uncovered potential vulnerabilities with less than 1% false positives in the security findings with Appknox.

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Make a shift from manual to hassle-free automated testing.

Appknox's automated scanner enables rapid security testing within a few hours. Gain control of your security with our case study, which includes data protection, brand monitoring, and customer assurance.

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