International healthcare amps up security for 20+ apps

According to HIPAA, 60% of healthcare apps contain 21% of high-severity vulnerabilities. With the rapid expansion of the digital healthcare market, security considerations often took a backseat during the development phase. Check out this case study to learn how Appknox's automated testing helped the firm with multiple mobile application scans from end to end in one place.

With this case study, you will:

  • Understand the healthcare firm’s struggle with multiple application scanning including high false positives and a lack of comprehensive analysis.
  • Learn how the firm was able to access a seamless cloud-based dashboard by Appknox that could be accessed by everyone on the team without any restriction.
  • Gain an in-depth insight into how 196 vulnerabilities were discovered in 27 applications of the firm and were promptly resolved by Appknox.

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Appknox's automated  scanner can help you achieve compliance and data privacy requirements while protecting patients' data. Read our case study to learn how 196 critical risks were resolved in 27 application.

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