Empowering a leading UAE bank to safeguard mobile apps

With no dependency on open-source security tools, BFSI has become the prime target of breaches. This leads to the extraction of sensitive data or damage to the entire system. Appknox recently uncovered 124 security problems in under 90 minutes for the bank in the UAE through dynamic API and manual pen testing. Let this case study help you implement strong security measures for your bank’s system.

With this case study, you will:

  • Discover how the bank saves time by quickly identifying and classifying vulnerabilities with Appknox.
  • Learn how the bank prioritized and addressed potential security threats, such as Network Security Misconfigurations, with Appknox’s precise risk identification.
  • Explore how Appknox’s experienced team’s manual testing provided additional assurance by catching issues that automated scans could overlook.
  • Find out how the bank achieved a faster time-to-market and gain customer trust with Appknox.

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Reduce risk in BFSI. Secure your app with Appknox.

Appknox's automated scanner ensures that all of your testing data is secure within minutes and aligns with compliance requirements for the BFSI sector. Let our detailed case study guide you through.

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