India's Top 100 Android Mobile Apps Tested for Cybersecurity

About 3% (30,130) of all app publishers on google play are Indians, and surprisingly, they are responsible for nearly 5% of all the apps published globally!

While huge number of apps are being pushed annually, are these following the security compliances?

At Appknox, our security researchers tested top 100 apps used nationwide by android phone users. The results will help you understand the current state of security of such apps and enterprises can use this info to plan security better!


What’s Inside?

This report analyses India's Top 100 Android Mobile Apps Tested for Cybersecurity. Inside, you’ll find:

  • What's Trending in Indian Mobile Apps
  • Insights on Our Research Methodology 
  • The Testing Process That We Followed 
  • Key Findings of Our Research
  • Most Prominent Vulnerabilities Detected
  • Best Practices to Mitigate these Risks
100 Apps Report Preview


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