Top 5 Cyber Security Findings by Experts You Can’t Afford to Miss

As the world focuses more and more on mobility and digitization, cyber security seems to have taken a back seat. The dynamics of doing business is changing, and the new marketing strategies often replaces security with convenience.  Security researchers are playing a vital role in making businesses and consumers understand the importance of security. They are proactive in providing us with in depth knowledge about the evolving threats that have been surrounding us from time to time.

As Dennis Chesley at PwC believes, cybersecurity is going to be a massive risk that will define our generation’s advancement in the times to come. According to the survey conducted by PwC, security incidents citing employees and business partners seemed to remain at the top. Moreover, the researchers also observed a 56% rise in the theft of “hard” intellectual property like patents.

Reports published by Ponemon Institute LLC and Verizon, on the other hand, highlight the security threats arising due to mobile devices and in the healthcare sector. One of the findings proves the fact that many of the latest data breaches have been caused due to exposure of employee mobile devices. On a similar note, the healthcare industry is also facing substantial cybersecurity challenges.

Other findings from surveys conducted by Identity Theft Resource Center and IBM X-Force also reflect on the potential cybersecurity risks. According to the reports, the most vulnerable sectors were computer services, healthcare, retail, and other small businesses. Despite improved efforts, millions of consumer records were still exposed, putting consumer privacy in danger.

Today, we bring you an infographic on the top 5 cyber security findings by experts. Going through these reports, one can get to know how important it is to make cyber security a priority.

Top 5 Cyber Security Findings by Experts You Can’t Afford to Miss

Source: PwC, Ponemon Institute, Verizon, ITRC, IBM

Published on Mar 7, 2016
Harshit Agarwal
Written by Harshit Agarwal
Harshit Agarwal is the co-founder and CEO of Appknox, a mobile security suite that helps enterprises automate mobile security. Over the last decade, Harshit has worked with 500+ businesses ranging from top financial institutions to Fortune 100 companies, helping them enhance their security measures.
Beyond the tech world, Harshit loves adventure. When he's not busy making sure the digital realm is safe, he's out trekking and exploring new destinations.


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