Manual Application Security
Testing (MAST)

Countries around the world, regularly perform a military activity called Red Teaming. The Red Team, comprised of their greatest minds, uses publicly available information and strategically makes plans to exploit any loopholes in the defense and security strategy. MAST stands for Manual Application Security Testing where Appknox acts as your Red-Team.

Red Team

Your Personal Red Team for Mobile App Security

Although our automated systems have been built over years of extensive research and have proven to detect and help neutralize over 100,000 threats, we believe that nothing is as intelligent as the human mind.

At Appknox, we’re proud to have put together some of the brightest minds from the industry who have detected threats in applications like Facebook, Skype, Walmart, Snapchat and many more.

How It Works


Once you have initiated the manual scan from your dashboard, our security researchers are notified and your scan gets initiated.


Our researchers typically take 3-5 days to finish their process of scanning your app.


Once your manual assessment is completed, our security researchers upload your app’s detailed report and send you an email notification, notifying you of the same.

In-House Hackers

What our in-house hackers do?

Our security researchers typically follow a defined, tested and tried process to break down apps and detect threats. Here’s an overview of that process:

  • Identification of technology stack.
  • Analyzing threat landscape.
  • Setting up breakpoints on critical functionalities.
  • Testing responses and detecting bugs.
  • Performing exploits for advanced threat detection.

95% of e-commerce mobile apps on the PlayStore fail basic security testing.

Appknox E-commerce Global Security Threat Report

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Business Value

Shorten your Development to Release time by Integrating security into SDLC (Software development lifecycle )


The mDevSecOps Edge

Drastically reduce your time-to-market by eliminating sudden or recurring threats at the root.


Fast & Swift Mobile VAPT

Get a complete vulnerability assessment  report in less than 90 minutes and push your apps faster to release.


Best-in-class DAST & API Testing

Analyze, detect and catch risky loopholes and plug them before falling prey to network attacks.

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Highest Rated Security Solution on Gartner

We rejoice when the Appknox system secures our client’s app against all vulnerabilities.

This is an outstanding product for Mobile security with good feature sets. They helped us with our security audit and the team's support has always been top-notch.

VP & CISO of a leading global finance business with $250 M Revenue

Appknox is very efficient in the testing of security for mobile apps. It is very user-friendly and easy to understand.

Security Analyst in a 30B + USD Enterprise

The fact that Appknox uses real-time devices for DAST & discovers APIs as well is unheard.

Senior Product Manager in a 30B + USD Services Company

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