Cybersecurity trends to expect — Ed-tech in 2023

Did you know that ed-tech experiences almost one cyberattack per day? This highlights the importance of conducting a thorough security assessment for your app to safeguard sensitive academic data. So, if you are a cybersecurity leader or an ed-tech business owner, this e-book will guide you in maintaining the integrity of your academic institution.

With this e-book, you will:

  • Discover why cybersecurity is important for protecting content in ed-tech.
  • Gain insights into mobile learning risks and the current threat landscape.
  • Stay ahead with foundational security knowledge to prevent breaches.
  • Learn about real ed-tech breaches to improve your security framework.
  • Stay competitive in the market by anticipating future ed-tech security trends.


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Securing your ed-tech platform from cyber threats can be challenging. Appknox offers key strategies for safeguarding your data and ensuring academic integrity.

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