Cybersecurity trends 2023: Impact of 5G on mobile app security

With the arrival of 5G, faster data speeds mean more chances for cyber attacks, along with major concerns in appsec like network slicing, vulnerabilities in IoT devices, and weak encryption. So, having a solid framework is non-negotiable for every security leader. Explore this ebook for insights on mobile-based learning risks and foundational security to protect your app.

With this e-book, you will:

5G networks will generate an enormous amount of data, including sensitive and pe ..

  • Learn why it is essential to prioritize cybersecurity in the 5G era to safeguard your apps.
  • Understand the differences between 5G, 4G, and 3G security and how anti-tracking and spoofing features enhance measures.
  • Grasp the implications of 5G's software and cloud orientation on app security.
  • Address security challenges from AR, VR, and IoT integrations in the 5G landscape.
  • Understand the nexus between 5G and app security to implement key features effectively.

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Building secure mobile apps in the 5G era is no easy feat. Read our detailed ebook on how Appknox helps you safeguard your app with dynamic scans including testing sims to simulate real-time threats.

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