Banking, Financial Service and Insurance (BFSI)

Top BFSI Cybersecurity Trends For 2022

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have been witnessing a massive increase in data breaches. Hackers don't seem to miss opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities and obtain access to critical financial information, whether it's the Robinhood data breach (7 million records stolen) or the SBI (State Bank of India data breach (422 million records stolen).

Top BFSI Cybersecurity Trends For 2022

What’s Inside?

The BFSI sector is operating in a continuously evolving security threat landscape. We are witnessing a time when shifting business priorities are affecting how firms effectively handle management and mitigation of security risks. Given the high-profile nature of BFSI as a target for cybercriminals, it's critical to understand the current risk environment so that companies can develop successful policies before, during, and after an attack

This Ebook includes

  • Current security threat landscape
  • Introduction to foundational security
  • 8 Major BFSI data breaches
  • Fintech apps security best practices
  • How Appknox is revolutionizing mobile application security?
BFSI Cybersecurity

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BFSI is the most sensitive and important sector, knowing security trends
for 2022 will play a major role in preparing and avoiding data breaches.


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