Steps On How To Incorporate Security Into SDLC with DevSecOps

What This White Paper Contains?

In public-facing cloud environments with faster than ever deployment and delivery speeds, we need security models that can keep up with the pace. However, security still remains one of the most downplayed affairs in many organizations. 

While DevOps practices have helped organizations find means to build and react to the market faster, the hurdles of relying on traditional security are still making inroads for more and more threat incidents. 

Through this whitepaper, we showcase how the introduction of DevSecOps plays a vital role in embedding security with the development and operations teams. If done well, DevSecOps can revolutionize the security posture of your organization and with groundbreaking tools like Appknox DevSecOps, you could automate processes in your SDLC at rates that were impossible to achieve even until recent times due to the gaps between security, development, and operations teams.

This white paper will detail:

  • Why Should you Introduce Security in the Traditional DevOps Approach?

  • The Shift Security Left Approach

  • Start your DevSecOps Journey?

  • Implementing DevSecOps Culture in your Enterprise

  • Appknox’s Approach to DevSecOps

Exclusive Insights On Incorporating Security into SDLC with DevSecOps


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