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Fastest Mobile Application Security Delivered.

Appknox Vulnerability Assessment platform can complete security testing within 90 minutes with coverage that includes complete client-side and server-side security testing. 

How is Appknox Different from our competitors?

  • Run your app yourself. - Appknox gives access to intuitive dashboard where your team runs through your app and while they go through step by step of app oru security engine is performing is looking at all possible loopholes.
  • No onboarding time- From the time you think of getting started with Appknox to performing Vulnerability Assessment on your app there is no delay. You can get started right now if you want and the platform is easy to use.
  • No False Positive. - We know time is the most critical factor for you, and for that we constantly make our engine to deliver 0 false positives to you to avoid your team wasting time in fixing security issues that are not exploitable.
  • Up to date - Security is a never-ending chase and we are there to work 24*7 on any new security issue and adding that to our testing methodology

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