Top Cybersecurity Trends in Crypto - 2022

Since 2022, investors have lost over 1.4 billion dollars to crypto hackers. Hackers are making the most out of the inherent vulnerabilities of crypto technologies and exploiting them for market gain.

The global blockchain market is expected to be worth $1,431.54 billion by 2030. This expanding market has created new dangers for users. Industry professionals predict that crimes involving crypto exchanges and assets will increase, making the decentralised finance industry one of the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Top Crypto Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

What’s Inside?

This report analyses how blockchain and cybersecurity intertwine, some of the biggest crypto cybersecurity hacks in the industry, and the latest trends in crypto cybersecurity.

  • Current Security Threat Landscape
  • Introduction to Foundational Security
  • Major Crypto Data Breaches
  • Key Crypto Security Trends for 2022
  • How is Appknox Revolutionizing Application Security
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