Automate Vulnerability Assessment with Appknox.

Secure your mobile apps with Appknox Vulnerability Assessment. Run a single scan to surface all vulnerabilities within your apps.

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automated vulnerability assessment

Assess vulnerabilities as a part of your SDLC automatically.

Test Cases
>60 mins
To scan all vulnerabilities
>1 %
False positive

Vulnerability Assessment with Appknox works wonders. Here’s why.

Static scans (SAST)

A fully automated white-box security test that checks for basic configuration issues in your code and application. 

Learn more about SAST >



static scan

Dynamic scans (DAST)

A deeper dive into the app’s transport layer that checks for loopholes in communication between the application and the server in the real-time

Check out how real DAST works >

dast scan

Dynamic induced API scans

Detect and capture vulnerabilities at all API endpoints. With 20+ test cases, Appknox ensures all data going in and out of your mobile app is secure from threat actors.

Dive deeper into API testing


CVSS based reporting

With Appknox, get a detailed vulnerability assessment report that captures the severity of the vulnerability, code location, regulatory and compliance issues among many other things.


Steps To Getting Started With Vulnerability Assessment

  • 1

    Upload Binary

    Just Upload Your iOS or Android Binary on Appknox.

  • 2

    Perform Static Scan

    Single Click to Get Started With Static Scan of Your Code Before it’s Compiled.

  • 3

    Start Dynamic Scan

    Get a Real-life View of What Your Hackers See With DAST Scan.

  • 4

    Begin API Security testing

    Ensure all Endpoints of Your Mobile Apps Are Secure With API Testing.

  • 5

    Get Detailed VA Report

    Surface all Vulnerabilities and Derive Next Steps to Remediate them
    With a Detailed Vulnerability Assessment Report.

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