Dynamic Application Security Testing   ( DAST ) simplified for your mobile apps

See exactly what hackers see. Save your apps from Man in the Middle Attacks (MiTM) with Appknox

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Automated Simulation
Understand real-life interactions of your apps with hackers. What information is passed when, how and where. With Appknox, catch loopholes and fix vulnerabilities before they turn into threats.
130+ Test CasesAccess
Access the plethora of test cases needed to pass regulated compliance. Get a detailed assessment report and check the results against each test case.
API scans
Detect what important information is being received and shared with every API call. With Appknox’s dynamic API scans, surface and mend vulnerabilities.

reporting with Appknox

DAST meets CVSS reporting with Appknox
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    Business Impact
    Understand how the vulnerabilities impact your day-to-day operations and business.
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    Vulnerability Severity
    Get a detailed analysis of how your vulnerabilities can turn into a threat.
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    Regulatory and Compliance
    Scan and find what vulnerabilities could cause regulatory and legal compliance issues for your business and industry.
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    Test Case Coverage
    Bulletproof your app when Appknox tests your apps against 130+ test cases and surfaces vulnerabilities.
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    Vulnerability Location
    Get the exact location of the vulnerability in the code without spending hours scouring your source code.

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Static Application
Security Testing

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API Security Testing


Penetration Testing(PT)



Make security an integral part of your mobile app development process. Minus the headache.

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